Eternal Flame

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Eternal Flame
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First appearance

Mario is Missing! (1992)

The Eternal Flame is an item in Mario is Missing! It is lit at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located at the base of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It is stolen by Bowser's Koopa Troopas, causing the entire Arc de Triomphe to shut down. The Koopa Troopas then roam around the city until Luigi defeats them and takes it back. After asking the locals about the item, with all of them providing information such as how the Arc dates back to the 1790s (which is misleading; although one of its sculptures, "La Marseillaise", depicts an event from 1792, the Arc was not completed until 1836) , he is asked a series of questions by the monument's Curator before he can return it. Afterwards, he receives a reward of $1750.


  • Boy: "Hey, that's the torch I saw at the Arch de Triumph. I bet you'll get a monument just like it if you can stop Bowser."
  • Tourist: "I saw it under the Arch, where Napoleon had hoped to march. What a torch!"
  • Reporter: "That's the flame that takes its name from the Tomb of the Unknown Solider."
  • Scientist: "Read my lips, the Arc de Triomphe dates from the late 1790s. That is lit daily."
  • Policewoman: "Don't let the fire go out. It marks the Unknown Solider's Tomb."