Dome of St. Joseph's Oratory

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Dome of St. Joseph's Oratory
The Dome in Mario is Missing! (NES)
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1993)

The Dome of St. Joseph's Oratory is an item exclusive to the NES release of Mario is Missing!. It is the roof of the famous Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal. It gets stolen in the entirety by some Koopa Troopas when they invade the city, and a single Koopa Troopa carries it around. When Luigi enters the city, he holds onto the Dome by himself, then proceeds to ask the city's inhabitants about what the item is. The locals provide information about the basilica, such as how the Dome is the second-largest of its kind in the world. Eventually, Luigi takes the Dome to the church's information booth and proves that it is genuine, letting the place be opened again.

The Dome does not resemble the real-life roof of Saint Joseph's Oratory, instead looking like the Montreal Biosphère.


  • Boy: "If you can carry that dome, haul it home, to the shrine honoring St. Joseph."
  • Tourist: "That’s the dome that attracts tourists like me."
  • Business Woman: "Don’t try to roam with St. Joseph’s dome, only St. Peter’s in Rome is bigger."
  • Scientist: "Brother Andre, who built the chapel, would be glad to see you carrying that dome back to the Oratory!"
  • Police Officer: "That dome can go back to St. Joseph Oratory. Put it on top of the basilica."