Moscow Metro M

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Moscow Metro M
The Moscow Metro M in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The Moscow Metro M is an item exclusively in the DOS and Deluxe versions of Mario is Missing!. It is the logo for the Moscow Metro, and it stands at the front of one of its entrances. It gets stolen from its proper place by Koopa Troopas when they raid Moscow, and a bounty is mounted for its return. Luigi happens across it on a Koopa Troopa, but as he does not know where it belongs, he questions random people about it. They point him in the direction of the metro while also providing additional facts about it, such as how Stalin ordered the project's commencement (which is misleading; although he gave the project its final approval, it was not his idea in any way[1]). Luigi eventually gathers enough information that he is able to return it to the Moscow Metro without any issue. He subsequently receives $1350 from the metro's information booth as a reward.


  • Boy: "Hmmmm, that giant red M looks familiar. Was I underground when I saw it?"
  • Tourist: "I've tracked trains all through the world, underground. That's the entrance to the fanciest one I've found."
  • Reporter: "Whenever you want to travel under Moscow, that letter will show you the way to go. "M" I making sense?"
  • Scientist: "Stalin ordered the Metro to begin service in 1935. Now quit stallin' and replace that entrance sign."
  • Policewoman: "That's from the entrance to the Metro, which will take me anywhere in the city. I'll keep an eye out for Mario next time I use it."


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