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“Zocalo means "pedestal" in Spanish. It is also the name of the largest paved square in the Western Hemisphere. Each side measures 790 feet. The monument once planned for the site was never built, and so the square is just a pedestal. The huge plaza was built by Spanish settlers who created the distinctive red and white tiles from volcanic stones looted from Aztec temples. The official name for the Zocalo is La Plaza de la Constitution.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Zócalo, formally known as Plaza de la Constitución ("Constitution Square"), is the main square of Mexico City. It appears in the PC version of Mario is Missing, where Koopa Troopas steal a tile from the square, causing it to close to the public. Luigi must track down the tile, defeat the Koopa carrying it, and take it back to the Zócalo.


  • The Zócalo's name is written without diacritics ingame.
  • Despite the pamphlet's claims, the Zócalo is not the largest paved square in the Western Hemisphere, nor was it at the time of the game's release, as Sunflower Square in Palmas, Brazil is over ten times larger and was opened a year prior to the game's first release.