Tilted Tower

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Tilted Tower
The Tilted Tower in the NES release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1993)

The Tilted Tower is an item that only appears in the NES release of Mario is Missing!. It serves as the support for the roof of Montreal's Olympic Stadium; incidentally, it is called the Montréal Tower in reality and not the Tilted Tower.[1] The entire tower gets stolen by a single Koopa Troopa when a group of them storm Montreal, and it gets taken back by Luigi and placed in his pockets. He then shows it to various people within the city, all of whom recognize it while also spouting off trivia facts about the Olympic Stadium. Luigi ultimately takes it to the stadium's information booth, proves that the Tower is genuine to the Curator, and returns it to its rightful place.


  • Boy: "You have an Olympic task to return that Tower to the Olympic Stadium."
  • Tourist: "If you get hot while replacing the Tilted Tower, don’t worry! The stadium holds 70,000 fans."
  • Business Woman: "That tower gets replaced near the stadium built for the 1974 Olympics. Be careful, it tilts. "
  • Scientist: "They need that for the roofs over the stadium; there’s one for summer and one for winter."
  • Police Officer: "The athletes will hit the roof when they see the Tilted Tower that supports the roof has finally been found."