Maasai Headdress

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Maasai Headdress
The Maasai Headdress in the NES release of Mario is Missing!
The Maasai Headdress in the SNES release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The Maasai Headdress is an item in the NES and SNES versions of Mario is Missing!. As its name suggests, it is a traditional headpiece originating from the Maasai people (although in reality, it looks nothing like the actual enkuraru headdress[1]). It is stolen from their village by a group of Koopa Troopas, but it is obtained by Luigi after he takes it from a Koopa Troopa wandering around the city. It is then shown off to civilians within the city, as Luigi does not know what it is; they all recognize it and provide additional information, such as how the headdress belongs to a Maasai warrior. Eventually, Luigi returns it to its proper place in the village.


  • Boy: "Knock me down with a feather, Luigi! You found the missing Maasai headdress!"
  • Tourist: "We'll make headlines, Luigi. That's a warrior's head piece."
  • Business Woman: "I read the tribe dyes themselves red when they become warriors, and they wear those headpieces."
  • Scientist: "That warrior’s headdress is an important part of the tribal uniform."
  • Police Officer: "Do you think the Maasai warrior would trade that headdress for my cap?"


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