Ourika Camel Market

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“Camel markets have been big business is Morocco for centuries. They work something like present day car lots! Camel traders from up and down the coast converge on the Ourika Market, 26 miles from downtown Marrakech. A good "ship of the desert" is still an important means of transportation in the deserts of Africa. Because they require very little water and have huge feet well-adapted to sand travel, nothing else rides like the one-humped Arabian dromedary. Dromedaries are favored for their speed and a knack for learning.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Ourika Camel Market is a fictional camel market located 26 miles from downtown Marrakech. In the PC version of Mario is Missing!, Koopa Troopas steal a Camel Saddle, forcing the entire market to close until Luigi returns the saddle and answers the following questions:

  • Camels are often referred to as:
    • guardians of the oases
    • ships of the Desert
    • bad dudes of the dunes
    • cadillacs of the Sands
  • Dromedaries are known for their:
    • unquenchable thirst
    • single humps and love of speed
    • small, dainty feet