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Alcatraz in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
Alcatraz in the DOS version
“Alcatraz is the Spanish word for pelican, and pelicans were the island's first inhabitants. The US Army built the first jail on the island in 1861. They chose Alcatraz Island because of its inaccessibility. The shark-infested waters and the cold, unpredictable currents of San Francisco Bay make the place almost escape proof! Alcatraz became a federal prison in 1934. 'The Rock,' as it was affectionately called, was closed forever in 1963.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

Alcatraz, or more properly Alcatraz Island, is a small island located near the coast of San Francisco, formerly containing a federal prison. It is one of four landmarks around the city that get attacked by Koopa Troopas, and it is one of two (alongside the Cable Car) that is exclusive to the DOS and PC versions of Mario is Missing!, replacing the NES and SNES versions' Coit Tower. The Koopa Troopas steal a striped prison shirt, causing the entire island to be closed down. Luigi helps reopen it by returning the shirt to Alcatraz's information booth. He also is required to prove that the shirt is real, which he does by answering the questions below:

  • Alcatraz means _____ in Spanish:
    • prison
    • island
    • pelican
    • altercation
  • Alcatraz's famous nickname is:
    • Pelican Prison
    • The Rock
    • Shark Chow
    • Devil's Island


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