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Miami is a city in the Real World, and it is located in Florida in the United States.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Life's Ruff", Hip and Hop Koopa transform Luigi and King Windbag into dogs with the king's magic wand. In their attempt to get away from Luigi and King Windbag, Hip and Hop enter a Warp Pipe, which warps them to Miami.

In Miami, Hip and Hop board a trackless train and ride to a hotel, with Luigi and King Windbag in pursuit. At the hotel, Hip and Hop start a food fight, and King Windbag tries and fails to retrieve his wand. Eventually, Herman the dog catcher is called in, and he captures Luigi and King Windbag, sending them to Florida State Poochitentiary while Hip and Hop escape in a sports car. After breaking out of the Poochitentiary, Luigi and Kind Windbag leave the vicinity of Miami and pursue Hip and Hop to the Kennedy Space Center.