Super Koopa (episode)

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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode
"Super Koopa"
Super Koopa
Production number 126
Airdate December 1, 1990 (English)
November 29, 1991 (French)
Writer(s) Doug Booth
Opening curtain Dark Land
Featured song "My Karoobi"
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"Super Koopa" is the twenty-sixth and last episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3; it aired alongside another episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 entitled "The Venice Menace".

Plot synopsis[edit]

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In his laboratory in Koopa Kastle, Kooky von Koopa, with assistance from Hip and Hop Koopa, is in the midst of creating another invention. Telling Hip and Hop to pull a switch, Kooky watches as energy pulses into a nearby pendant. After the pendant is done absorbing energy, Kooky grabs it and proclaims that with it, King Koopa will gain the same powers Mario and Luigi have and begins to gloat over his genius. As Kooky continues his self-praise, Koopa appears and, after congratulating Kooky, Hip and Hop, takes the pendant, only to be informed by Hip and Hop that it will only function in the real world. Koopa does not seem to be concerned with this though, as he will still have the advantage, as Mario and Luigi are unable to access their powers in the real world.

While traveling, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool are suddenly confronted by King Koopa and his Doomship; Koopa proceeds to, with a lasso, grab Luigi and, after traveling a few feet, dumps him and himself into a Warp Zone, with Mario and Princess Toadstool following closely behind; a complaining Toad is told to stay behind in the Mushroom Kingdom by Princess Toadstool.

Emerging from the Warp Zone, Mario and Princess Toadstool find themselves in a manhole in Paris, France. Seeing Luigi being held by Koopa, Mario and Princess Toadstool begin to give chase to him. King Koopa, believing now to be a good time to use his power, releases Luigi, zaps a fire hydrant, and kicks it over; amidst the water that flies out is a Super Leaf. Grabbing the Super Leaf, Koopa instantly grows a tail and raccoon ears and, calling himself "Raccoon Koopa", takes flight.

Watching in disbelief as King Koopa dives towards them, Mario and Luigi are unable to do anything as he kidnaps Princess Toadstool and flies-off towards the Eiffel Tower. Landing on the Eiffel Tower, Koopa proceeds to tie up Princess Toadstool and suspend her from the tower. As he finishes tying up the princess, he is approached by Mario and Luigi in a helicopter. Unfazed by Mario and Luigi's sudden appearance, Koopa proceeds to simply knock Mario and Luigi's helicopter out of the sky with one punch.

Spinning out of control, Mario and Luigi are fortunate enough to land on a submarine that had raised from the ocean. The captain of the submarine, after exiting the vessel, proceeds to ask if Mario and Luigi are all right. The brothers, however, point out Koopa, who is about to dive-bomb them. Retreating into the captain's submarine, Mario, Luigi, and the captain fail to notice Bowser zap a nearby crate with his pendant. Diving into the crate he zapped, Koopa transforms from Raccoon Koopa into "Frog Koopa". Diving underwater, he proceeds to kick the submarine with enough force to beach it on shore, hurting his foot in the process. Climbing on shore, Koopa manages to capture Mario, Luigi, and the submarine captain and dumps them in the Bastille.

Returning to the Eiffel Tower, Koopa informs Kooky, Hip, Hop, and Kootie Pie Koopa through his wand that Paris and all of Europe is now defenseless. In the Bastille, Mario and Luigi begin to bemoan their fate, realizing they are no match for the super-powered King Koopa. As Koopa begins to travel through Paris, becoming annoyed with all the looks he is getting, Mario and Luigi begin trying to dig their way out of the Bastille with a spoon, which Luigi accidentally bends.

In one of Paris's shopping malls, Kootie Pie begins trying on outfits, causing all nearby bystanders to faint at her appearance. Inside the Louvre, Hip, Hop, and their Para-Goomba minions begin to vandalize all nearby paintings, as well as putting up their own crude crayon drawings.

At the Eiffel Tower, Princess Toadstool, having freed one of her arms, manages to toss a scroll asking for help down below. The scroll, after bouncing a few feet, lands in a manhole and, after traveling through the Warp Zone, lands near an angry Toad. Grabbing the scroll, Toad, after reading it, rushes to Princess Toadstool's aid, after collecting dozens of power-ups and stuffing them in a chest.

In the Bastille, Mario, Luigi, and the captain are surprised when their Sledge Brother guard says they have a visitor, who is delivering a birthday cake. The visitor turns out to be Toad in a disguise, and the cake is actually hiding a block inside it. Hitting this Super Block, Mario gains a Super Leaf and becomes Raccoon Mario. Using his new powers, Raccoon Mario busts down the wall of his cell, releasing himself, Luigi, and the submarine captain. As Mario, Luigi, and the captain escape, the Sledge Brother guard manages to call King Koopa, who, after hearing this news, stops his drive around Paris and flies off as Raccoon Koopa. Seeing him in the sky, Toad tosses a Super Leaf to Luigi, transforming him into Raccoon Luigi. Lifting off into the air, Mario and Luigi give chase to Koopa, who manages to smack Mario with his raccoon tail, regressing him back to normal; luckily, Luigi manages to grab Mario before he falls to the ground.

At the Eiffel Tower, Toad manages to untie Princess Toadstool and the two toss a Fire Flower to Mario, transforming him into Fire Mario. Using one of his fireballs, Mario hits Koopa, turning him back to normal and causing him to fall into a nearby lake. Dragging himself from the lake, he notices a nearby boot and uses the pendant to transform it into a Karoobi, which he uses to chase after Mario and Luigi. During the chase, Koopa uses his pendant to transform himself into a near unstoppable form, combining the powers of a Fire Flower, Super Leaf, and Karoobi together. Blasting Mario and Luigi with a fireball, Koopa transforms them back to normal, only for them to power up once again with a Fire Flower. Zapping King Koopa with fireballs, Mario and Luigi see their attack is ineffective, as Koopa can simply power himself up again after being damaged.

Hitting Mario and Luigi with fireballs, Koopa has his attack reflected back at him when Mario and Luigi become invincible through the use of a Starman. Unfortunately, Koopa powers himself up again using his pendant and begins trying to crush Mario and Luigi with a Karoobi. Chasing Mario and Luigi, who have Frog Suits on, Koopa notices that Princess Toadstool and Toad have been supplying Mario and Luigi their powers, so he grabs them and tries to fly away with them as Raccoon Koopa. Luckily, Mario and Luigi manage to beat King Koopa and rescue Toad and Princess Toadstool. Desperate, Koopa tries to crush Frog Luigi with his Karoobi, only to be stopped by Mario, who has his own Karoobi given to him by Princess Toadstool. Losing his Karoobi, Koopa tries to power-up again, only to see his pendant has overloaded. The pendant then explodes, hurtling him back to the Mushroom Kingdom through a manhole, with Kooky, Hip, Hop, and Kootie Pie following him. With King Koopa and the Koopalings vanquished, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool celebrate, with Toad getting lots of praise for bringing the power-ups to Mario and Luigi.


Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • Due to a problem with the master tape, the Shout! Factory and nCircle DVD releases of this episode on the complete series contain many glitches, such as the audio disappearing and the screen turning gray at certain moments. This is not present in the "Koopa Kronicles" or "What a Wonderful Warp" DVD releases and all YouTube uploads.
  • When Koopa is wearing the Frog Suit, his shell is displayed, whereas in later scenes, the suit covers it.
  • When Princess Toadstool and Toad hand Mario and Luigi the Fire Flowers, one of them is mistakenly colored pink, and when the Bros. catch them, both are colored green.
  • In one scene of the episode, Koopa's Karoobi is depicted as blue.
  • In one scene, Fire Mario's shirt briefly turns green.
  • Even though Princess Toadstool gets her arm free, when Toad unties her, her arm is in her bonds again.
  • Princess Toadstool's bonds change in position and appearance throughout her time on the Eiffel Tower.
  • At one point, King Koopa's raccoon tail is mistakenly colored black and gray.
  • When Kootie Pie says, "The shopping," the background is sky, even though she is inside Kastle Koopa.
  • When Koopa notices the boot beside the lake, it is a regular boot. However, right before it grows, a windup key can be seen sticking out of the back.
  • When Mario exclaims to Luigi that there is a block inside the cake, his mouth is not moving for part of the scene.
  • When Kooky, Hip, and Hop are creating the Power Pendant, the top of the table is shown green, but in the next shot, it is shown yellow.
  • When King Koopa comes into Kooky's laboratory, the lenses on Hop's glasses are colored blue.
  • After King Koopa says that Mario and Luigi cannot get their powers in the Real World, his eyes are white.
    • This also happens when he knocks down the helicopter.
  • When King Koopa is holding up the Power Pendant in Kooky's laboratory, the handle is colored green.
  • When Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad spot the Doomship in Grass Land, Princess Toadstool's broach is colored incorrectly.
  • When Mario says, "He's shoving Luigi into the Warp Zone!!" Princess Toadstool is shown floating.
  • In a lot of shots of this episode, the top of the Eiffel Tower is shown bent.
  • King Koopa drops the Power Pendant when zapping the fire hydrant, but immediately gets it back later in the episode.
  • When King Koopa is using the raccoon power to fly at the beginning of the episode, he is not shown holding the leaf.
  • When Mario and Luigi are in the helicopter, Mario is shown holding a megaphone, but in one shot, he is not.
  • When Raccoon Koopa dive bombs Mario, Luigi and the captain, he has no raccoon ears.
  • When Frog Koopa is attacking the submarine, Mario is shown smiling.
  • When Frog Koopa is angry because he hurt his flipper, his eyebrows disappear multiple times.
  • When Frog Koopa is talking to the Koopalings on his wand, the light around it and Kooky's head are flashing.
  • When King Koopa sees the people, the people teleport.
    • In the same scene, his wand is white and yellow with blue on top, but when the people get scared away, its colors completely change.
  • When Kootie Pie is shopping, parts of her hat are yellow like the rest, but in the next shot, it is shown purple.
  • When Hop is painting his own picture, a line appears on his picture out of nowhere.
    • The same thing happens when Hip is painting whiskers on the Mona Lisa.
  • When Princess Toadstool throws the scroll from the Eiffel Tower, the manhole is shown colored yellow and orange.
    • This also occurs when King Koopa flies in.
  • When Toad grabs the scroll, the background is shown dark purple.
  • When King Koopa says, "Escaped have they!!" Hop's glasses are mistakenly colored red.
  • When Toad says, "Is it a plane!?" he is drawn with sclerae.
  • When Toad says, "Luigi!! Catch!!!" the chest of power-ups is shown empty.
  • In some shots of this episode, the chest is shown full of green blocks instead of power-ups.
  • In one scene, the chest is by the cell. In the next, it is suddenly by the Eiffel Tower.
  • After King Koopa falls into the water, Mario shoots a fireball for no apparent reason.
  • When the Koopalings are jumping into the manhole after King Koopa, Kootie Pie is shown double jumping.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Voyage à Paris Trip to Paris
German Mario in Paris -
Italian Super Attila Super Koopa
Portuguese Super Koopa -
Spanish Super Koopa (all versions) -


  • Toad bringing the treasure box filled with power-ups to Mario is a reference to the Toad Houses.
  • The unhappy expression of the French submarine captain when he mentions Frog Suits is a reference to "frog", which, when used to refer to a French person, has a disparaging meaning.
  • In the original NBC airings, Toad narrates the teaser promo saying, "Attention all citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom! Mushrooms everywhere are under Koopa attack! Call the Super Mario Brothers, or we'll all wind up in the soup!"[1]