Koopa Clogger

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Koopa Clogger
The Koopa Clogger

The Koopa Clogger is a special satellite invented by Kooky von Koopa that could spawn large, spherical force fields within Warp Pipes everywhere, preventing anything from passing through them. The force fields were shown to be very powerful and nearly immobile.

The Koopa Clogger is controlled via a system of levers located aboard the Doomship. However, only authorized users, such as Kooky himself, were able to even touch the controls; an unauthorized user would instantly trigger an alarm upon contact, referred to by Bowser as an "Echo Goody-Good Warning Device".

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "7 Continents for 7 Koopas", the Koopas fly to the Real World aboard the Doomship, where Bowser assigns his seven Koopalings to each take over one of the Real World's seven continents. Knowing full well that the Mario Bros. would follow them to the Real World in an attempt to stop them, Bowser orders Kooky to activate the Koopa Clogger.

Before the Doomship leaves the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Toadstool is unintentionally sucked up into the Doomship through its Super Slurp Pipe, prompting Mario, Luigi, and Toad into chasing after the Doomship. However, just before the trio can fly through the Warp Pipe that the Doomship goes through with Raccoon Power, the Koopa Clogger is activated, creating a force field in the Warp Pipe that causes the three of them to lose their Raccoon Power upon touching it.

With the Koopa Clogger active, Mario, Luigi and Toad are unable to enter the Real World, thus allowing the Koopalings to freely take over the continents. Princess Toadstool attempts to sneak over to the controls, but she sets off the alarm, and is wrapped up in the chain of a Chain Chomp. Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi and Toad try to pull the force field out of the pipe using a giant plunger, but are unsuccessful.

Later on, Princess Toadstool manages to irritate a Bob-omb by teasing it, which sets off its fuse. The Chain Chomp and Paragoombas guarding Princess Toadstool all flee from the active Bob-omb, while the Princess quickly grabs it and runs up to where the Koopa Clogger was. The Bob-omb blows up upon hitting the Koopa Clogger, demolishing it. Upon doing so, the force fields are disabled. Mario, Luigi and Toad are then able to get into the Real World, where they are able to help Princess Toadstool reclaim the continents from the Koopalings.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Otturatubi
Romanian Koopa înfundătorul
Mașina de înfundat țevi
The Koopa clogger
The pipe-clogging machine