Oh, Brother!

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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode
"Oh, Brother!"
Oh, Brother!
Production number 109
Airdate October 13, 1990 (English)
October 4, 1991 (French)
Writer(s) Perry Martin
Opening curtain Pipe Land
Featured song "The Double Cross"
"Brotherly Love" (non-Italian versions)
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"Oh, Brother!" is the eleventh episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. It aired alongside another episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 entitled "Misadventure of Mighty Plumber" on October 13, 1990.

Plot synopsis[edit]

A rainstorm is taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom one night, and everyone is confined to their homes. Princess Toadstool, Toad, Mario, and Luigi are all inside Toad's house, where the Princess comments that it has been raining non-stop for two weeks while looking out the window.

Toad remarks that the storm going on outside is nothing compared to the one going on inside, and directs her to the Mario Bros. Luigi is trying to read a book, but he is unable to concentrate due to the music that Mario is dancing to. Luigi tells Mario to turn the volume on the record player down, but Mario does not comply, saying it is "hot." Fed up with Mario's music, Luigi pulls the record out of the player and throws it into the fireplace, melting it, while he sarcastically comments that "now it's even hotter."

Mario then yells at Luigi for burning his favorite record. Luigi responds by stating that he is making up for the time that Mario busted his favorite wrench. Luigi then pulls down Mario's hat and tugs his overall straps and mustache, aggravating Mario (who comments that he hates it when Luigi does that). Princess Toadstool and Toad tries to get them to make peace, but Mario and Luigi ignore them, and beat each other up.

Luigi, retorting Mario's comment about "wishing he never had a brother".

Mario exclaims he wishes that he did not even have a brother, and Luigi, in response, says that Mario can consider himself "debrotherized" as he walks outside, bidding his "ex-brother" farewell. Princess Toadstool tells Luigi to take a Frog Suit for the rain, but Luigi refuses to take one, and walks off. When Princess Toadstool mentions that someone should go after Luigi, Mario agrees and goes, despite the fight he just had. Princess Toadstool tells Mario to take a Frog Suit as well, but he too declines the suggestion.

Meanwhile, Kooky von Koopa is giving King Koopa an explanation of his new invention: The Power Shower. The Power Shower forces rain down upon the Mushroom Kingdom, where it falls through a Warp Pipe into the Pipe World, flushing all the loose Gold Coins through the pipes and into a basin in an underground dungeon. However, a pipe in the dungeon that's connected to the Power Shower bursts, and water starts flooding the dungeon. When Kooky explains that he is unable to fix a leaking pipe, Koopa sends for either of the Mario Bros.

Luigi, after pulling on Mario's overalls a second time.

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario catches up with Luigi, but the two brothers are still mad at each other. Luigi pulls on Mario's hat, overalls and mustache again, and Mario tells him to knock it off. Unknown to them, Kooky is spying on them from the dungeon through his Koopascope. Kooky asks King Koopa which Mario brother they should "Koopnap", and Koopa resorts to a game of eeny-meeny-miny-moe with Mario and Luigi's pictures on dartboards, ultimately picking Mario.

Kooky announces that he will catch Mario with his Plumber Pole, and casts the pole up the pipe that the Koopascope was in. The end of the line comes out of the pipe near Mario and Luigi, and hooks Mario by his overall strap. Pulling back on the Plumber Pole, Kooky pulls Mario back through the pipe, through the Pipe World, and into the dungeon, where a pair of Hammer Bros. apprehend him.

Mario, shortly after getting mind-controlled by the Lame Brainer.

After being tied up, Mario tells King Koopa that he will never fix his plumbing, but Kooky explains to Mario that they have the power to make him do whatever they want with his latest invention: The Lame Brainer. Upon placing the Lame Brainer on Mario's head, Mario's mind and voice become drone-like, and he tells the Koopas that he will do anything they say. Kooky puts Mario to the test by offering him a plate of pasta. Although Mario says he loves pasta, Kooky tells him that he actually hates it, and Mario then declines it in disgust. Koopa then has Kooky order Mario to fix the leak.

Meanwhile, Luigi realizes that he must save Mario, and jumps into the Warp Pipe that Mario was pulled through, taking him to a flooded section of the Pipe World, where a Boss Bass chases after him. Luigi returns to Toad's House, and without saying a word to either Princess Toadstool or Toad, puts on a Frog Suit, becoming Frog Luigi. Luigi then returns to the Pipe World.

Luigi swimming his way to Koopa's underground dungeon, donning his frog suit.

While swimming through the Pipe World, Frog Luigi easily swims past the Boss Bass that had chased him earlier. A Lava Lotus goes ballistic while attacking Luigi, but Luigi manages to dodge it as well. A Blooper Nanny and her babies come out of a pipe and chase after Luigi as well. Luigi opens up a vault which he enters, and the Bloopers follow him. Luigi quickly swims out of the vault, locks the Bloopers in and continues onwards to rescue Mario.

Back in the dungeon, Mario finishes patching up the leak in the Power Shower pipe, pleasing King Koopa and Kooky. Just as the Koopas rejoice, Luigi comes out of the pipe over the basin that is holding the collected coins. Luigi asks the Koopas what they have done with Mario, and Kooky explains that they have turned him into their slave. With Mario under their control, Koopa orders him to attack his brother. Mario, having no free thought, is forced to obey Koopa's orders, and prepares to smack Luigi with his wrench.

Luigi trying to remind Mario about past events.

Luigi hops back as Mario attempts to smack him, and tries to tell Mario to come to his senses. Mario does not listen, and tries to hit Luigi, who is too fast for him. Luigi tries to remind Mario of their previous experiences, including their childhoods and many plumbing jobs, as well as the time he lent Mario his screwdriver when Mario lost his own, but nothing works.

Luigi concludes that he needs to try another approach to reach Mario, and does this by pulling on the Lame Brainer, Mario's overalls, and his mustache. Mario tells Luigi that he hates it when he does that, but under his own control. Mario's thoughts overload the Lame Brainer, which goes flying off of his head, and onto Kooky's. With Mario back to normal, Luigi makes up with him. Mario then goes up to Kooky, and with the help of the Lame Brainer, orders him to attack Koopa. Unable to think for himself, Kooky chases after Koopa, who is unable to stop him. As Kooky chases him upstairs, Mario and Luigi congratulate each other.

Mario, insisting that the argument was all his fault.

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom the next day, the rain has finally stopped. At Toad's house, Princess Toadstool thanks Mario and Luigi for dismantling the Power Shower, and for returning the coins to the Pipe World. Luigi then tells Princess Toadstool and Toad that he and Mario will never fight again.

Mario confesses that their argument was all his own fault, but Luigi corrects him, stating that it was his own fault. Mario and Luigi then start fighting with each other again, and Luigi tugs on Mario's hat, overalls and mustache once again. Mario then comments to the audience, "brothers, you can't live with them... you can't live without them".


  • "Two straight weeks of rain! Ah, the Mushroom Kingdom is gonna float away if this doesn't stop soon!" - Princess Toadstool
  • '"There! Now it's even hotter!" - Luigi
  • "Ooooooh, I hate it when you do that!" - Mario
  • "Hey, guys! Chill out, will ya? It's being cooped up that's making ya crazy!" - Toad
  • "Luigi, it's really wet out here. You better take your Frog Suit." - Princess Toadstool
  • "I'm a mad genius, not a plumber!" - Kooky von Koopa
  • "Ooooooh, how many times do I have to tell you not to do that?!" - Mario
  • "I've got the Mario Brothers on the Koopascope, King Dad! How should we decide which one to Koop now? Uh, flip a gold coin?" - Kooky von Koopa
  • "I don't NEED a Frog Suit!" - Luigi
  • "And now a big jerk for that big plumber jerk!" - Kooky von Koopa
  • "Kooky, you're so bad I'm proud to be your dad!" - Bowser
  • "Koopmasters, your wish is my command!" - Mario
  • "Oh, I hate it when my tootsie-wootsies get wet!" - Bowser
  • "It's Luigi! What's that clog-clearing clodhopper doing here?" - Bowser
  • "Wait, Mario, stop! Don't you know who I am? It's Luigi!" - Luigi
  • "Mario, think of all the fun we had as kids! All the drains we've unclogged! Remember the time you lost your favorite screwdriver and I gave you one of mine?!" - Luigi
  • "Fine as a newt fossil thanks to you, brother! Glad to see you took my advice on wearing a Frog Suit!" - Mario
  • "Your wish is my command, Mario Masters!" - Kooky von Koopa
  • "Kooky! What are you doing? I'm your dear old King Dad!" - Bowser
  • "Thanks to you, Mario and Luigi, the Power Shower has been dismantled, and all the gold coins have been returned to the Pipe World where they belong!" - Princess Toadstool
  • "Oh, brother!" - Princess Toadstool and Toad
  • "Brothers... Ya can't live with 'em, ya can't live without 'em!" - Mario


Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • In one shot, one of King Koopa's shell spikes is on the shell's border.
  • The opening curtain title screen used for this episode is Pipe Land, yet the Grass Land music is played with it.
  • When Mario says "Yes, Koopmasters!", he is still mind-controlled, but his eyeballs are not red.
  • This also happens when Kooky says “smash, crush, pound, DESTROY!”
  • When Toad tries to stop Mario and Luigi's argument, Princess Toadstool is shown floating.
  • When Princess Toadstool says, "Luigi, it's really wet out there!" as Luigi walks out the door, Toad's cap color along with its shadow are inverted.
  • When Luigi is exiting Toad's house, the door knob is absent. Meanwhile, the door curtains are green, but after Mario to say that needs follow his brother, it always appears in blue.
  • When Mario is pulled by the Plumber Pole to the Pipe World, his suspensory is transparent.
  • Near the end of the episode, when Luigi pulls Mario's cap, overalls and mustache, the "L" symbol on his cap does not appear.
  • When the pipe entering to Kooky's dungeon make the first appearance, the flooded coins do not appear in the container, while the water is hanging out of it.
  • Luigi grumbles about Mario's "dumb advice" about wearing a Frog Suit, but it was actually Princess Toadstool who admonished the brothers not to go out without them.
  • When Mario gets tied up by Koopa and Kooky, the rope was shown brown, but when he gets mind controlled, the ropes are purple.
  • In some shots of this episode, Kooky's head is orange instead of green.
  • When the dark clouds roll in after Luigi walks out the door, he was not shown.
  • Whenever it shows the broken Power Shower pipe, part of it is flashing.
  • When Mario says to King Koopa and Kooky, "Fix your own leaky plumbing, you Koopa crackpot! I'll never help you!", his mouth is not moving.
  • When Kooky puts the Lame Brainer on Mario's head, part of it is flashing.
  • When Mario says "Mmmmm!! I'm starving!!" when the pasta is in front of him, but when he says that, there are meatballs in the pasta, but in the next shot, they disappear.
  • When Mario says "Yes Koop Masters!!", and is about to attack Luigi, he has no hair.
  • After the machine pops of Mario's head, he has no symbol on his hat.
  • When Luigi says "Hey!! Are you all right, brother?!" to Mario, Mario's hair flashes from black to brown. Also, Luigi is repeatedly touching Mario.
  • When Mario was instructing mind-controlled Kooky what to do, Luigi was way taller than Mario.
  • After mind-controlled Kooky chases King Koopa, Luigi has a line by his eye.
  • When Luigi runs into Toad's house to get his Frog Suit, Toad is shown with pupils.
  • When Luigi comes into Toad's house, Princess Toadstool and Toad are reading books, but when he comes out of a room with his Frog Suit, Toad has no book.
  • When Luigi comes out of the pipe over the collected coins, mind-controlled Mario is between King Koopa and Kooky, but in the next shot, Mario is over by a pipe.
  • When Mario is dancing to the music, the wall is purple, but when Luigi takes the record, the wall is shown green.
  • When Luigi takes the record while Mario is dancing, Luigi's shirt is shown white.
  • When Luigi takes the record while Mario is dancing, there is another record leaning next to the record player, but when Mario says "Huh?" the leaning record is absent.
  • In a lot of shots inside Toad's house, the fireplace is seen frozen.
  • When Kooky was testing the pasta on Mario, his hair is flashing.
  • When Princess Toadstool and Toad notice Luigi getting his Frog Suit, it is shown to be daytime outside.
  • When Princess Toadstool smiles as Luigi jumps out the door with his Frog Suit, the fireplace is absent.
  • In the Italian dub, the instrumental for The Double Cross, which was played earlier in the episode in all versions, is used instead of the one for Brotherly Love.
  • When King Koopa notices Luigi, his snout is flashing.
  • When Kooky, having been mind-controlled by his own invention, says "Your wish is my command, Mario Masters!" his shell is white.
  • When Mario and Luigi begin fighting each other, as Mario says, "Brothers are all good-for-nothing!", his mouth is not moving, despite having his mouth being open for one frame.
  • When Mario says "I’ll get that frog!", he has no eyebrows.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Oh, Broer! Oh, Brother!
French L'amour fraternel Brotherly love
German Regentage Rainy Days
Italian Oh, fratello! Oh, Brother!
Portuguese Brigas de Irmãos (Brazil - TV dub)
Ah, Irmão! (Brazil - DVD dub)
Sibling Fights
Oh, Brother!
Romanian Oh, frate![1] Oh, brother!
Spanish (NOA) Que Hermanos What Brothers


  • The song on the record Mario was listening to in the beginning of the episode was an instrumental version of "The Double Cross" from the later episode "Crimes R Us".
  • Luigi pulling on Mario's hat, shirt and mustache is a running gag in the episode.
  • This is one of the two episodes where the Grass Land intro is played with a down-tempo mix, with the other being "Kootie Pie Rocks", during the title card intro.


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