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Norman in the episode, "Mush-Rumors"
“Wait! You can’t do this! I belong to the Auto Club!”
Norman, Mush-Rumors

Norman is a fictional real world human from Wichita who appears in one episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 show, "Mush-Rumors". He is the father of the family of four: himself, Missy, Bud, and his wife.

He is supposed to be taking Missy and Bud to Wild Waldo's One-of-a-Kind Amusement Park by a long road trip, but ends up driving into a Warp Zone that accidentally leads the family into the Mushroom Kingdom. Norman, distracted by the strange scenery, assumes it to be Iowa and he accidentally crashes into two walls of blocks. The car almost gets totaled and Norman inspects the steaming engine, while a Mushroomer, who is fishing, goes screaming that they are aliens because of the strange vehicle, people, and the smoke coming out of the engine.

After a while later, when the Mushroomer is spreading the rumors, Norman jumps to the conclusion that he is in Nebraska, not Iowa. Mario and Luigi soon save the station wagon from the Doom Ship, but not the magnet that the Doom Ship sends out to abduct the station wagon.

King Koopa and his Koopalings are skeptical of Norman's family and Koopa thinks that the aliens are trying to disguise themselves to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Norman's wife is unsure of what to make of all this, mistaking Koopa for Uncle Waldo and telling him he runs a lousy business. Norman, now becoming afraid for his family's safety, threatens to report Koopa (or "Waldo" as his wife said) to AAA. But then, Kooky von Koopa then takes Norman's family to his new invention, the Transmutational Brainwave Analyzer, to gain their thoughts about taking over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Norman demanding answers at Kooky.

Norman gets angry at this and states, "I've had just about enough of this. This is not fun anymore!" Just afterwards, the Mario Bros. come and rescue his family and then offer the family to take them to the Warp Zone where they came from. Norman is confused and skeptical, but his wife convinces him to get out of there and trust Mario, who says he will explain everything on the way back to their station wagon.

Norman then drives out of the Warp Zone back into the real world where they came from. Then, while Norman is driving, Missy asks if they are there yet and Norman just slaps his face as a response.

In the Super Mario World episode "Rock TV," Koopa spies on a real world family in a flashback. Among them is a man resembling Norman, except he has balding grey hair, a plain green shirt and no sunglasses.