Mario's Bombs Away

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Mario's Bombs Away
Developer Nintendo Research & Development 1
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game & Watch
Release date November 10, 1983
Genre Retro
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Game & Watch:
Game & Watch:
Mario's Bombs Away
Box art for Mario's Bombs Away

Mario's Bombs Away is a Game & Watch game released as part of the Panorama Screen series on November 10, 1983.[1] It was later rereleased in its classic form in Game & Watch Gallery 4.


Mario's Bombs Away as it appears in Game & Watch Gallery 4
Mario's Bombs Away as it appears in Game & Watch Gallery 4

The game involves Mario—a soldier in this game—on a mission to receive a bomb from his buddy on the left side of the screen and carry it to his troop on the other side. Enemy soldiers are waiting in the trees in his path, so he must keep his bomb away from their torches. One of his comrades is the Heavy Smoker, who is a slacker that carelessly tosses burning cigars into a stream of spilled oil, so Mario must also keep the bomb from igniting on the ground. Mario earns a point each time he advances a step to the right while carrying a bomb. When he reaches the other side, he must carefully pass the bomb to his buddy, who tosses it onto one of the five trees, giving Mario five points. After five bombs are tossed onto the trees, they explode on the enemy, rewarding Mario with 10 points. As time passes, the torches and the fire on the ground move faster. If Mario's bomb gets lit, he will retreat to his outpost, where the bomb will detonate in his face and blow up his outpost, earning him a miss. If Mario reaches 300 points without any misses, the points will be worth double until he does get a miss. If he has any misses at said score, every miss will be cleared instead. The game ends when he gets three misses. True to the game's wartime jungle setting, Alarm Monkey serves as this unit's time function.

In Game A, the enemy soldiers move their torches down and then up. In Game B, they move their torches only downward, and the game gets faster sooner.


  • +Control Pad left or right: Move
  • A Button: Raise
  • B Button: Lower



  • Given the jungle setting and the style of uniforms that Mario and the other soldiers are wearing, the war in question was presumably the Vietnam War.


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