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Game & Watch Gallery 2
Game Watch Gallery 2 NA boxart.pngGame Boy Gallery 2 JP cover.jpg
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD, Million Colors, TOSE
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date Game Boy
Japan September 27, 1997
USA 1998[citation needed]
Game Boy Color
USA November 20, 1998[1]
Australia 1998
Europe November 1, 1998
Virtual Console (3DS)
Japan March 21, 2012
Europe May 3, 2012
Australia May 3, 2012
USA May 24, 2012
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB K-A.png - Kids to Adults
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
Mode(s) 1 player
Game Boy:
Media GB icon.png Cartridge
Game Boy Color:
Media GBC icon.png Cartridge
Nintendo 3DS:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Game Boy:
Game Boy Color:
Nintendo 3DS:

Game & Watch Gallery 2 is the sequel to Game & Watch Gallery, released in 1997 for the Game Boy and in 1998 for the Game Boy Color. The game includes six revisions of classic Game & Watch games, one of which is not playable from the beginning and must be unlocked. It was not released in Europe or Australia until 1998 when it was re-released on the Game Boy Color, except in Japan.


Like all the other Game & Watch Gallery games, the minigames can be played in either Classic Mode or Modern Mode; the former is identical to the original release of the minigame, while the latter has been redone with recognizable Mario characters along with updated graphics, updated gameplay, and music.

Character appearances[edit]





Donkey Kong[edit]



As the player collects stars, they will be able to access new features in the Gallery.

Stars Unlockable
5 Music Room
10 Museum + Donkey Kong added to Museum
15 New Game: Classic Ball
20 Oil Panic added to Museum
25 New Game: Modern Ball (Yoshi)
30 Greenhouse added to Museum
35 New Game: Modern Ball (Mario)
40 Life Boat added to Museum
45 New Game: Modern Ball (Wario)
50 Credits + Donkey Kong Jr. added to Museum
55 Additional tracks added to Music Room
60 Tropical Fish added to Museum
70 Rain Shower added to Museum
80 Spitball Sparky added to Museum
100 New Game: Modern Ball (Bowser)
120 Cast Credits

Note: The Museum also includes the 16 Game & Watch titles from Game & Watch Gallery's Gallery. To unlock them, the player has to collect 120 stars, and then connect Game & Watch Gallery 2 to Game & Watch Gallery.

List of Museum games[edit]

# Name Image Description
NO. 052 Donkey Kong G&WG2M Donkey Kong.png Released 6/3/1982

Multi Screen

Destroy DK's platform to save Pauline

NO. 051 Oil Panic G&WG2M Oil Panic.png Released 5/28/1982

Multi Screen

Catch the drips and pass it to your friend

NO. 054 Green House G&WG2M Greenhouse.png Released 12/6/1982

Multi Screen

Exterminate the bugs from the flowers

NO. 058 Life Boat G&WG2 Lifeboat.png Released 11/25/1983

Multi Screen

Rescue the passengers from a burning ship

NO. 101 Donkey Kong Jr. G&WG2M Donkey Kong Jr.png Released 10/26/1982

New Wide Screen

Avoid traps and enemies. The key frees papa!

NO. 104 Tropical Fish G&WG2M Tropical Fish.png Released 7/8/1985

New Wide Screen

Save the fish and return them to their tank

NO. 057 Rain Shower G&WG2M Rain Shower.png Released 8/10/1983

Multi Screen

Keep the wash from being rained on

NO. 201 Spitball Sparky G&WG2M Spitball Sparky.png Released 2/7/1984

Super Color

Hit the balls and destroy the blocks


Main article: List of Game & Watch Gallery 2 staff






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GWG2 GB Mode.png
Game Boy displays a Game Boy.
GWG2 GBC Mode.png
Game Boy Color displays a Game Boy Color.
The original box art
  • Depending on what Game Boy hardware the game is played on, it will display appropriate hardware for controls when selecting the mode for each game, except for Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Player, which will display a Game Boy Color regardless.
  • On the game's original box art, a Yoshi's Story-style Baby Yoshi is shown playing Vermin, and Princess Peach is smiling while playing Chef. Donkey Kong also looks different. The final box art, however, depicts Yoshi in his Super Mario World appearance and Toadstool experiencing issues.
  • Despite a Green Yoshi playing Vermin on the box art, it is actually an Orange Yoshi in the game.
    • Similarly, the accompanying art for Chef depicts Toad being a waiter and having his mouth water as Peach is flipping eggs and fish from a frying pan, as well as another artwork depicting Toad with a slab of meat in front of him and obviously planning on eating it, even though Toad is absent from the game itself.
  • After the player views the staff credits once (after attaining 50 stars), they can access the credits again at any time by holding down on +Control Pad in the "View the Gallery" option and pressing A Button or Start Button. The player can also view the cast credits again by inputting the same button sequence, except they need to press up on +Control Pad.
  • In the Game Boy Color version, the pause/Game Over menu's colors vary depending on the game/version.
  • In the pause/Game Over menu, the border can be changed by pressing B Button


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