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Not to be confused with Mario and Luigi's family.
Mario Family
Mario Family cover.png
Developer(s) Natsume[1]
Publisher(s) Jaguar
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Release date Japan August 27, 2001[2]
Rating(s) N/A
Game Boy Color:
Media GBC icon.png Cartridge
Game Boy Color:

Mario Family (ジャガーミシン刺しゅう専用ソフトマリオファミリー Jaguar Mishin Sashi Senyou Soft: Mario Family) is a piece of software for the Game Boy Color released only in Japan to be compatible with Jaguar's JN-100 sewing machine. The JN-100 came with a cable that would link it to a Game Boy Color, and in the game the player can choose one of several designs that the machine can copy onto fabric. Another more recent model, the JN-2000, also works with a Game Boy Color. This game is the second Mario sewing game after I Am a Teacher: Super Mario Sweater on the Family Computer Disk System. It is also the last Mario game on the GBC.


The Mario Family cartridge has 32 patterns stored in it; note that, in the case of Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, the same pattern is copied twice. Players can also alter the colors of the below patterns with a number of alternate palettes. The patterns are pixelated versions of classic-era hand-drawn Mario character/item artworks, created and published for games like Super Mario World.


  • There is also a canceled Kirby series game called Kirby Family, which also made use of the Jaguar sewing machine.