Mobile Golf

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Mobile Golf
Developer Camelot
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Game Boy Color, Mobile Adapter GB
Release date Japan May 11, 2001
Genre Golf
Mode(s) Single player
Multiplayer: 1-2, Mobile
Game Boy Color:
Media GBC icon.png Game Pak
Game Boy Color:

Mobile Golf (モバイルゴルフ) is a Mario Golf game exclusively released in Japan on the Game Boy Color. In terms of gameplay and storyline, it is very similar to the English Mario Golf.

Like Mario Golf, it has four human characters to choose from at the beginning; the player can train them to gain experience and improve their stats. Players can also unlock characters for use in story mode and other modes by beating them in a match, including several human characters from Mario Golf and the four champions: Bean, Rozary, Powert and Bird. The Mobile Adapter GB, whose service was active at the time of release, could be used to play multiplayer games within a mobile phone network and unlock other playable characters, such as Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Foreman Spike, while the service was active.



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