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Mobile Golf
Developer Camelot Software Planning
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Color, Mobile Adapter GB
Release date Japan May 11, 2001
Genre Golf
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer: 1-2, Mobile
Game Boy Color:
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Game Boy Color:

Mobile Golf is a Mario Golf game exclusively released in Japan on the Game Boy Color. In terms of gameplay and storyline, it is very similar to the English Mario Golf. The Mobile Adapter GB, a Japanese exclusive accessory, could be used to connect the Game Boy Color to the internet by hooking it up to a cellular device; players could then use this service to play online with other players or access unlockable features such as courses and characters.

Like Mario Golf, it has four human characters to choose from at the beginning; the player can train them to gain experience and improve their stats. Players can also unlock characters for use in story mode and other modes by beating them in a match, including several human characters from Mario Golf and the four champions: Bean, Rozary, Powert, and Bird.

Mobile Adapter GB[edit]

The Japan-exclusive Mobile Adapter GB peripheral could be used to play multiplayer games within a mobile phone network and unlock characters and courses. The unlockable characters include Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Foreman Spike and the unlockable courses included Atlantic, Pacific, Snow Land, and Halloween Night. Additional Golf Clubs could also be unlocked through this device. The Mobile Adapter GB's servers and service were disbanded by Nintendo of Japan on December 14, 2002, and thus, all of this mentioned content can no longer be accessed in-game legitimately.


Default characters[edit]

Ken Napple Thread Lisa
Ken's artwork for Mobile Golf
Artwork of Napple for Mobile Golf
Artwork of Thread for Mobile Golf
Lisa's artwork for Mobile Golf

Unlockable characters[edit]

Bean Rozary Powert Bird
Artwork of Bean riding a horse for the Mobile Golf game on Game Boy Color
Artwork of Rozary for Mobile Golf
Artwork of Powert for Mobile Golf
Artwork of Bird from Mobile Golf
Unlock Play against Bean and defeat him Unlock Opponent after Bean Unlock Opponent after Rozary Unlock Opponent after Powert
Grace Kid Tiny Gene Yuss
Artwork of Grace from Mobile Golf
Kid's artwork for Mobile Golf
Tiny's artwork for Mobile Golf
Artwork of Gene for Mobile Golf
Unlock Last opponent in Club Slots, after Bird Unlock Complete all Go-Go Gates Unlock Available after completing all base game minigames Unlock Getting all gold trophies in first four tournaments, completing the first four courses in less than 12 minutes, and must have unlocked all prior characters

Mobile Adapter GB characters[edit]

Mario Princess Peach Yoshi Foreman Spike
Mario Mobile Golf.jpg
Mobile Golf artwork: Princess Peach
Yoshi's artwork for Mobile Golf
Artwork of Foreman Spike for Mobile Golf


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モバイルゴルフ
Mobairu Gorufu
Mobile Golf

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