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Picross 2
Japanese box art
Developer(s) Jupiter
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy, Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date Game Boy
Japan October 19, 1996[1]
Virtual Console (3DS)
Japan October 24, 2012[2]
Genre Puzzle
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
Mode(s) Single player
Game Boy:
Media GB icon.png Cartridge
Nintendo 3DS:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Game Boy:
Nintendo 3DS:

Picross 2 is a Japan-only game for the Game Boy and the sequel to Mario's Picross and Mario's Super Picross; it was released in 1996. It keeps most of the same elements of its predecessor, as it deals with a grid an solving number-like puzzles to form images.

To play, the player has to match boxes together and link them with one another to form images, and if performed successfully, the image will look right. The player also has the option to be given hints throughout the game as to how to make specific images. Mario and Wario both have different sets of puzzles to solve in the game, giving the player somewhat of a variety in gameplay.


The game features four modes: easy picross, Mario's picross, Wario's picross, and quick picross.

In easy picross, players solve a simple 15x15 puzzle; 30 minutes are allotted for each puzzle.

In Mario's picross, players solve more complex 30x30 puzzles, split into 15x15 quadrants, and players are penalized for mistakes in this mode.

Wario's picross is the same as Mario's picross, except players are not penalized or notified of mistakes. After clearing stage 6 in this mode, players are no longer notified if a quadrant has been completed, further increasing the difficulty. Players can also choose to turn off the time limit in this mode, however this will not allow them to unlock the 10th puzzle in each stage and it does not apply to quick picross.

After every three stages in both Mario and Wario's picross, players must solve a quick picross puzzle. In quick picross, players must quickly create kana from multiple 8x8 puzzles to form a sentence and clear the challenge. The amount of kana required ranges from 8-20 and players are allotted only one minute per character. Both characters have three quick picross stages with 10 possible solutions each.

Mario and Wario both have 10 stages with 10 puzzles each, however, the 10th puzzle of each stage can only be unlocked if the player has not quit or timed out on a puzzle in the stage. In stages 1-3, 30 minutes are allotted per quadrant, but from stage 4 onward, 90 minutes are allotted for each puzzle. The puzzles in each stage are also centered around a theme (e.g. stage 4 of Mario's picross features sports themed puzzles). After clearing stage 10, a final stage with a single 60x60 puzzle is unlocked; the puzzle is split into 30x30 quadrants (which themselves are split into 15x15 quadrants) and 30 minutes are allotted per 30x30 quadrant. In total there are 278 puzzles.


Easy Picross[edit]

Pick Hammer Coffee Cup Pocket Watch Lion
Lantern Top Hat Monkey Magnifying Glass Stuffed Toy

Mario's Picross[edit]

Stage 1 (Nature)
Small Bird Hammock Moon and Owl Deer Fairy
Help me Koala Camp Lumberjack Hunter
Stage 2 (Around the House)
Living Room Mirror Studying Laundry Toilet
Bathing Kotatsu Electric Fan Hair Dryer Brushing
Stage 3 (Fairy Tales)
Cinderella The Little Mermaid Alice Issun-bōshi Kintarō
Snow White Peter Pan Urashima Tarō Momotarō Jack and the Beanstalk
Quick Picross Vol.1
Stage 4 (Sports)
Football Pro Wrestling Volleyball Boxing Sumo
Golf Judo Marathon Basketball Home Run
Stage 5 (School)
Mischief Pole Hurdle Field Trip Lunch Duty Graduation Ceremony
School Infirmary Visiting Day Sports Day Enrollment Physical Examination
Stage 6 (Entertainment)
Bungee Jump Entrance Water Slide Cinema Cherry Blossom Viewing
Pachinko Casino Crane Game Karaoke Game Boy
Quick Picross Vol.2
Stage 7 (Childhood)
Video Game Fighting Bug Catching Crosswalk Bed wetting
Tag Piggyback Ride Sleeping Scary Dog Shichi-Go-San Punishment
Stage 8 (Female Occupations)
Nihon Buyō Bus Tour Guide Waitress Daycare Worker Police Woman
Idol Bunny Girl Supermodel Nurse Race Queen
Stage 9 (Male Occupations)
Pilot Doctor Porter Delivery Man Sailor
Martial Artist Detective Magician Barber Bodybuilder
Quick Picross Vol.3
Stage 10 (Mythology)
Werewolf Gorgon Skeleton Pegasus Gargoyle
Vampire Cerberus Unicorn Manticore Sphinx

Wario's Picross[edit]

Stage 1 (Around Town)
Bonsai Painting I'm late! Peeping Tom Graffiti
Jinx Drunk Dog Walking Mean Dog Persistent Salesman
Stage 2 (Shopping)
Flea Market Food Sampler Sale Convenience Store Restaurant
Browsing Bar Fast Food Show Window Christmas Sale
Stage 3 (Romance)
First Love Kanpai Proposal Boat Honeymoon
Tandem Bicycle Omiai Wedding Steamy Couple Is that a hickey?!
Quick Picross Vol.1
しちにんのさむがりや ふしぎのくにのアリババ
ゆきがふったらゆきだおれ ぼうずにくけりゃけさがため
わがはいはねころんでいる コンドルはとんびじゃない
うまのみみにねんど しょうねんよたいしたもんだ
はなよりダンシングクイーン マリオとワリカン
Stage 4 (Around the World)
Hatsuhinode Night Sky Daimonji Summer Sea London Fog
Lake Landscape Alphorn Woman with an Umbrella Migratory Birds at Dusk Steam Whistle Farewell
Stage 5 (Chinese Characters)
Stage 6 (Picross Comic)
Everyone is taller than me Good, a Super Mushroom I'm big!! Easy shot! It didn't work..
Playing Mario's Picross? I can't solve it! I wonder what it is? I got it with 2 minutes left! Hey! Where is everyone?
Quick Picross Vol.2
ほたるのひかりまどうしのつえ にかいからめぐちゃんが
ひょうたんからコマンタレブー かってかぶとのおすをもらった
やねのうえのバイオモンスター なつはサーフィン
いめもあるけばぼうけんきぶん やみつきたなるのがピクルスだ
Stage 7 (Animals)
Gorilla Panda Grizzly Bear Elephant Cheetah
Hippopotamus Kangaroo Tiger Giraffe Rhinoceros
Stage 8 (At the Beach)
Baby Sea Turtles Sand Castle Trolling Suikawari Man of the Sea
Water Skiing Sunbathing Scuba Diving Surfer My foot is stuck in a giant clam!
Stage 9 (Arctic)
Aurora Sperm Whale Flock of Swans Penguin Quinzhee
Dog Sled Snowboarder Skating Skier Santa Claus
Quick Picross Vol.3
Stage 10 (Dinosaurs)
Stegosaurus Plesiosaurus Brachiosaurus Black Beauty Pteranodon
Triceratops Pachycephalosaurus Deinonychus Parasaurolophus Survival of the Fittest


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピクロス2
Pikurosu 2
Picross 2


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