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The Mario Undōkai arcade machine

Mario Undōkai (Japanese: マリオうんどうかい), or literally Mario Sports Festival, is a 1993 Mario arcade game released only in Japan. Like Būbū Mario, very little is known about it. It was made by Banpresto and licensed by Nintendo. The game is a dancing game geared toward small children. It is one of the only two dancing games in the Mario series and is very similar to the other one, Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, but there are two center foot spaces and no two-player mode.[1]


Once a coin has been inserted, the player must choose from one of three games, all of which require the dancepad. There is also a start button to begin.

The top selection is a more athletic-based set of games that involve Olympic-style events. The first of these is a 100m sprint against Ludwig, Morton, and King Koopa. Koopa Troopas are the judges, while a Mega Mole holds the sign for the events. The second event is a Yoshi race against Luigi and Peach. The third event is a 110m hurdle race against Ludwig, Roy, and Larry. The results screen appears to be randomized, as Wendy appears even though she did not compete.[2]

The right selection consists of a picture completion game and at least one other minigame that is randomly chosen. In the picture completion game, players use the dancepad to lock in the correct edges of five pictures before the time runs out, which is shown by a Koopa Troopa walking along a bar towards a red pennant at the top of the screen.[3] Possible minigames include a game where a running Mario has to collect as many coins while dodging enemy obstacles.[4] Another game is to correctly match clips of Mario with one of the four other clips.[5]

The left selection has a game of rock-paper-scissors with acchi muite hoi against Princess Peach. Another game is kick the can where Mario has to guard a can from Boos.[6] There is also a flag-matching game.

After the results, a trading card is distributed from the machine, while Mario invites the player to play again.


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