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Not to be confused with Big Monty Mole.
Mega Mole
Official Artwork of a Mega Mole
Artwork of a Mega Mole from Super Mario World
First appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Latest appearance Mario Strikers Charged (cameo) (2007)
Variant of Monty Mole
Morty Mole
Big Monty Mole
Notable members
Chitei Kaijū Indy
Pakkun Mogura
Sphinx Zō

Mega Moles are overgrown Monty Moles[1] that are impervious to many attacks. They act in charge of the other Monty Moles,[2][3][4] and are depicted to have poor eyesight.


Super Mario World / Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2[edit]

Sprite of a Mega Mole from Super Mario WorldMega Mole sprite from Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

In Super Mario World and its remake, Mega Moles are exclusively found underground, appearing in Chocolate Island 4, Valley of Bowser 1 and Valley of Bowser 2. They are invulnerable to Mario and Luigi's jump or Spin Jump moves as well as Fire Mario or Luigi's fireballs, but can be defeated by using Caped Mario or Luigi's spinning attack, a Super Star, a Grab Block, or a Shell. Like other enemies, they are also immune to hazards such as Munchers and spikes. Standing on a Mega Mole's head is not a danger by itself, and will allow Mario or Luigi to ride it. Unlike regular Monty Moles, they do not pop out of holes in the ground. Despite their size, they can be eaten and swallowed by Yoshi. While most enemies merely result in the loss of Yoshi when getting hit by them, a few others, including Mega Moles, both hurt Mario and force Yoshi to run away. In the remake, if Yoshi eats a Mega Mole and spits it out while Luigi is riding him, a unique sprite of it facing the screen (thus resembling Monty Mole's jumping sprite) can be seen as it rolls along the ground.

Super Mario Kodansha manga[edit]

Several Mega Moles in Valley of Bowser 1 seen in the third Super Mario World volume

Mega Moles appear in several volumes in the Super Mario Kodansha manga, retaining a faithful design to that of Super Mario World.

Mega Moles first appear in the third Super Mario World volume, when Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi fall onto an enlarged Mega Mole trapped in a cage made out of ! Blocks. Yoshi proceeds to quickly eat the Mega Mole, with everyone then proceeding to travel through Valley of Bowser 1 shortly after. In a later chapter taking place in Chocolate Island 4, when Yoshi is left behind, he discovers three Mega Moles and quickly runs to warn Mario, Luigi, and Peach about them. Mario and Luigi attempt to attack the Mega Moles, but they soon realize that the Mega Moles are immune to their attacks. They try jumping over them, but they land onto the Mega Moles' heads. They realize that the Mega Moles might have poor eyesight, and were most likely not trying to attack them. The Mega Mole that Mario is riding on then starts sinking into the lava, with Mario jumping off of it before falling into the lava as well. Yoshi is then confronted by the Mega Mole that Peach was riding, proceeding to eat it and Peach. Luigi's Mega Mole mourns before being defeated by Caped Luigi.

The Mega Mole seen in the sixth Super Mario World volume

In the fourth Super Mario World volume, Larry Koopa commands two Mega Moles to attack Mario and his friends. However, Luigi quickly digs a hole that the Mega Moles fall into due to their poor eyesight.

In the sixth Super Mario World volume, a Mega Mole appears as the main antagonist of the first chapter. After Mario and Yoshi leave to investigate who stole the Golden Mushroom, it is revealed that the Monty Moles that they paid a toll to were actually minions of a Mega Mole who stole the Golden Mushroom. The Mega Mole explains that they falsely accused Bowser for stealing the Golden Mushroom, with the Moles using the Mushroom to fund their mining tunnel. The Mega Mole and Monty Moles use a Bowser-shaped chariot to drill through the interrogation cell to attack everyone. They throw Bob-ombs at everyone before one explodes and destroys the Bowser chariot. The Moles attempt to escape using a Wiggler-shaped cargo vehicle, but Yoshi eats segments of the vehicle to make the moles crash into a wall. After the Wiggler vehicle crashes, the Mega Mole proceeds to point a pistol at Mario, but Mario deflects the bullets with his Super Star badge. The Mega Mole is then quickly eaten by Yoshi, with the Golden Mushroom then being returned to the museum.

Although no normal Mega Moles appear in the seventh Super Mario World volume, a Bowser-created kaiju Mega Mole known as Chitei Kaijū Indy appears.

The Mega Mole temple in the Pū Tairiku from the third Super Mario Kart volume

In the Mario Open Golf volume, what appears to be a Mega Mole on the table of contents page can be seen wearing a miner hat and smoking across from a Monty Mole.

In the Yoshi volume, a Mega Mole with a Monty Mole on top of it can be seen collecting flyers for Yossy's Pizza.

In the first Super Mario Kart volume, a Mega Mole holding a wrench can be seen among the Monty Moles in the crowd which stole Mario's engine.

In the second Super Mario Kart volume, a Mega Mole can be seen among a crowd of enemies that attempt to get on a ship.

Artwork of a Mega Mole family in the second 4koma volume

In the third Super Mario Kart volume, the inner temple that is located in the Pū Tairiku is shaped like a Mega Mole.

In the Super Mario Bros. 2 volume, a Mega Mole makes a background cameo attending Wart's party.

In the first 4koma volume, a Mega Mole appears in the beginning of the "GO! GO! Mario Paint ~Part 3~" (GO! GO! マリオペイント ~その③~) story, in which they sing karaoke alongside a Monty Mole and Donkey Kong Jr., as well as watching an anime with everyone.

Mega Moles make their final appearance in the manga in the second 4koma volume. They appear on the cover which consists of artwork depicting a Mega Mole family. The Mega Mole family all have different sizes and different color shades. The family also appears throughout a few of the pages. In the "Videos Now on Sale" (ビデオ発売中) strip, Mario can be seen holding a small Mega Mole with him saying,「モグラはダメ?」("Moles aren't good?"). In the "Lala~lalalalala~la~" (ララ~ラララララ~ラ~) strip, Mario wins several small Mega Moles from a crane game. Yoshi then becomes jealous that Mario likes the moles better then him, even saying that Mega Moles are just stupid moles. Yoshi then proceeds to put on a Mega Mole disguise and begins crying for not being as loved anymore. In the "Let's Give Flowers ♡" (花をめしませ♡) strip, a Mega Mole receives a large bouquet from Mario. In the "Mole" (もぐら) strip, Mario tells Yoshi that he has become great friends with the Mega Mole, even saying that he will be now riding the Mega Mole from now on instead of Yoshi for the race and other occasions. The Mega Mole then proceeds to dig underground with Mario saying it is not a good time to do that and that the Mega Mole should stop.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

The friendly Mega Mole in volume 1 of Super Mario-kun

Mega Moles appear throughout the first nine volumes of Super Mario-kun, where they are shown to be rounder to match the design for Monty Moles.

A friendly Mega Mole has a major role in the ninth chapter of volume 1. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi land on top of the Mega Mole after Yoshi ate the underground map. The Mega Mole then cowers in fear as Mario and Luigi laugh at the fact that a big enemy is afraid of them. The Mega Mole then takes off his shades and tells them that he was left behind by his co-workers. The Mega Mole then falls into a pond, but Mario is able to use his Frog Suit and a Power Balloon that Luigi tosses to help carry the Mega Mole out of the water. After this, the Mega Mole leads Mario and his friends through a cave to find the exit, with them stumbling across a Skull Raft. They use it cross the lava until a Blargg comes, with them explaining that they were sent to kill the Mega Mole for betraying the Koopa Troop. As Mario and his friends get burned by the Blargg, the Mega Mole realizes how his friends need him in order to save them. The Mega Mole is then able to have the courage to jump into the Blargg's mouth, clogging it. As the Blargg retreats into the lava, the Mega Mole re-emerges shortly after with the Blargg attached to its head.

In a Mario Paint-themed chapter from volume 5, Lemmy Koopa is able to make a crudely drawn version of Mega Mole as well as other Mario enemies using the SNES Mouse. However, the Mega Mole alongside the other enemies are quickly beaten up by Mario and Yoshi.

A Mega Mole being thrown by Mario in volume 7

In volume 6, a Sphinx fusion of various enemies named Sphinx Zō has Mega Mole paws. A Mega Mole driving a kart working for Bowser has a major role in a later chapter. When Mario and his friends go through an ice area, they come across The Mega Mole accidentally breaking the ice underneath them, which makes Bowser and the Goomba laugh at it. The Mega Mole then gets picked up out of the ice by three Lakitus before driving towards Mario. However, Luigi knocks Yoshi onto the Mega Mole's face. Luigi them attempts to throw a Poison Mushroom at the Mega Mole, but it smacks away Yoshi and the Poison Mushroom, making the Poison Mushroom land in Mario's mouth. Mario then straps Yoshi to his kart with Yoshi breathing fire at the Mega Mole causing them to drive in circles. The Mega Mole then uses its kart to hover over the water, spring into the air, and crush Mario, making him fall below the ice. After the Mega Mole congratulates itself for defeating Mario, Mario bursts out of the water, and uses the Lightning to zap and shrink the Mega Mole. The Mega Mole states that they are now a normal Monty Mole and wishes Mario to be bigger again. Mario then says that he will make them bigger, with him and his friends proceeding to bury the Mega Mole in a snow sculpture of itself as Bowser laughs through the situation.

A Mega Mole appears in volume 7, in which it blocks Mario and Yoshi's path telling them to give up their oseibo (a year-end gift). Mario then picks up the Mega Mole (referencing Super Mario Bros. 2) and throws it at Yoshi.

Although normal Mega Moles do not appear in volume 9, a Venus Fire Trap-Mega Mole fusion known as Pakkun Mogura is seen as the main antagonist of the second chapter.

Nintendo Adventure Books[edit]

In the Nintendo Adventure Book Dinosaur Dilemma, if Mario offers a basket of apples to Yoshi and some dinosaurs he finds near Lake Trilobite, a Mega Mole will burst out of the dinosaur costume seizing Mario's sleeve. The other dinosaurs (including Yoshi) will turn out to be Mega Moles in disguise, and will surround Mario after removing their costumes, they proceed to eat Mario offscreen which leads to a Game Over. Some more Mega Moles can be encountered the basement of a decrepit mansion, where two furry objects can be seen in the distance blocking the exit sign. If Mario goes deeper in the cellar, he meets three more Mega Moles that sniff him before biting him and chasing Mario, attempting to eat him. If Mario chose the right path, he remembers that Mega Moles have poor eyesight and steps out the way making the Mega Moles go by as he escapes. Choosing the wrong path will lead to a Game Over, when Mario blindly falls into a watery pit inhabited by a Blargg.

Some Mega Moles appear among the crowds at the International Dino-Flying Derby in Flown the Koopa, and eye Mario and his friends hungrily when the show ends. Later in the swamp, if Mario and Luigi don some Mega Mole costumes (which are covered with matted gray fur), six real ones will approach the two with gifts. After "befriending" the Mega Moles by singing old plumbing songs and exchanging cookie recipes, Mario and Luigi have a plan to go in their cave and load up on supplies, before bursting through the castle with the help of the Mega Moles. Once they arrive at the Mega Moles' cave lair, the Mega Moles continue stuffing the plumbers with food, before weighing them down with "gifts". Mario then looks at the books before grabbing a book called Mega Moles In The Mist by Diane Flossy. As the Mario Bros. realize that the Mega Moles brought other people to their lair, trapping them, Mario realizes his fate before finishing the book, leading to a Game Over. Finally, another group of Mega Moles will attack Mario and Luigi, causing a Game Over, if they decide to explore a dark portion of Magikoopa's Fortress with a flashlight, which quickly dies on them since the Mega Moles can see very well in the dark.

In Unjust Desserts, some Mega Moles are shrunk by Magikoopa, and sent into Yoshi's body after Mario, though the hero never encounters any inside the dinosaur, just in the palace garden when he and all the creatures Yoshi and Luigi had eaten are spat up by them.

Super Mario Adventures[edit]

The Red Tuxedo Monty Mole and Blue Tuxedo Mega Mole from Super Mario Adventures

In Super Mario Adventures, multiple Mega Moles seen wearing blue tuxedos can be seen attending Bowser's wedding in the penultimate issue.

Mario Family[edit]

A Mega Mole in Mario Family
A Mega Mole in Mario Family
A Mega Mole in Mario Family

A Mega Mole appears in Mario Family, as one of the sewing designs.

Mario Strikers Charged[edit]

Mega Mole hieroglyphics seen in Mario Strikers Charged

In Mario Strikers Charged, the sprites for Mega Moles seen in Super Mario World can be seen on the pillars in The Sand Tomb.

Other appearances[edit]

Mega Moles appeared in a Mario-themed Kirin Lemon commercial, being much smaller then they are normally. When Yoshi eats one of the Mega Moles, he spits fire, which does not happen in Super Mario World.[5]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese インディー[2]
Chinese 大鼹鼠
Dà Yǎnshǔ
Big Mole
French Top Taupe
Topi Taupe Géant (Super Mario Encyclopedia)
From Topi Taupe
Giant Monty Mole
German Riesen-Monty
Mega Monty
Giant Monty (Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2)
Mega Monty (Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia)
Italian Mega Tantatalpa[6] Mega Monty Mole
Spanish Megatopo Mega Mole


  • In Super Mario 64 source assets, Monty Mole's model is internally labeled "indy" and has its size set to 25% of the base model when implemented in-game, indicating the original intent for them was to be Mega Moles.
  • Mega Moles are confirmed to be eight feet tall in Flown The Koopa, though they are around the same height as Mario in Super Mario World and on the size chart for the 1993 Nintendo Character Manual.
  • The Presenters in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga look similar to Mega Moles.


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