Vanilla Dome

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Vanilla Dome
Vanilla Dome
Bird's-eye view of Vanilla Dome
Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Levels 11
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The Vanilla Dome is the third world in the SNES title Super Mario World, as well as the north-northwestern portion of Dinosaur Land. It is a cave world inside a mountain with seven regular levels, a Ghost House, the Red Switch Palace, Star Road 2, a fortress, and #3 Lemmy's Castle. The cave contains enemies such as Swoopers and Buzzy Beetles, as well as lava. The world has a secret path that leads to the mountaintop above the cave, which has a few secret levels, and leads to Butter Bridge. There is also a lake in the middle, where Vanilla Dome 2 takes place.

Vanilla Tableland[1], also known as Vanilla Heights[2], is where three courses take place.


Beyond Vanilla Secret 1.

Levels that are marked with an asterisk (*) features another exit.


Mario encountering various enemies in Vanilla Dome, as depicted in Mario Mania
Vanilla Dome 1
Vanilla Dome 2
Vanilla Ghost House
Vanilla Dome 3
Vanilla Dome 4
#3 Lemmy's Castle
Red Switch Palace
Vanilla Secret 1
Vanilla Secret 2
Vanilla Secret 3
Vanilla Fortress

Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Japanese バニラドーム
Banira Dōmu
Vanilla Dome
Chinese 香草圆丘
Xiāngcǎo Yuánqiū
Vanilla Knoll
French Dôme Vanille Vanilla Dome
German Vanille-Dom Vanilla Dome
Italian Cupola Vaniglia Vanilla Dome
Portuguese Cúpula da Baunilha Vanilla Dome
Spanish Colina Vainilla Vanilla Hill


Language Name Meaning
Japanese バニラ台地[3]
Banira Daichi
Vanilla Tableland
French Montagne Secrète[4] Secret Mountain


  • Though the Vanilla Dome never made an appearance in the Super Mario World cartoon, the show exclusive area, the Lava Pits, seemed to take several elements from the Vanilla Dome, such as Blarggs and Skull Rafts.
  • This is the first world to have level(s) having a bigger circle instead of a normal one; the others are in Forest of Illusion and Valley of Bowser. Of these, the big circle that represents Vanilla Dome 3 is the only one that does not lead to an alternate path with a Fortress.
  • The music for Vanilla Dome was remixed in the SNES version of Mario's Time Machine as the title theme, which also incorporates the melody of the castle music from Super Mario World.


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