Chocolate Island

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Chocolate Island
The world Chocolate Island in the game Super Mario World.
Top view of the Island, in a completed status
Game Super Mario World (1990)
Level(s) 9
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Chocolate Island is the sixth world in the game Super Mario World, and it is the southeastern portion of Dinosaur Land. The mountainous island is named after its chocolate-brown coloring, although upon activating Fall mode, it will turn green instead (i.e. mint chocolate). Instead of lava, some levels have boiling hot mud or tar (a reference to hot chocolate or hot cocoa). As levels are beaten, many of the small mountains covering the area are leveled to clear new paths across the island. This gradually gives the player access to more stages.

The boss of Chocolate Island is Wendy O. Koopa. This is the only known island to be a habitat for the Dino Rhinos and Dino-Torches.

In Super Mario Kart, there are courses called Choco Island 1 and Choco Island 2, which both appear to be based on Chocolate Island. Both of these courses return in Mario Kart: Super Circuit and Mario Kart Tour, and Choco Island 2 in particular also reappears in Mario Kart DS.

Chocolate Island also serves as the basis of the Super Mario World style's Desert theme in Super Mario Maker 2, which features new music and has different semi-solid platforms than in Super Mario World. The night version of the theme has the course get hit by a sandstorm that blows left and right.


Except for Chocolate Secret, which is located underground near the Valley of Bowser and is accessible via Warp Pipe, all these levels are found on Chocolate Island. Levels that are marked with an asterisk (*) feature another exit.


Official description[edit]

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 website[edit]

  • "If you enjoy dino-watching, Chocolate Island is the place for you. The dinosaurs are out in droves in this 9-level region, along with plenty of other creatures to keep you on your toes. With two secret exits to discover, a trip to Chocolate Island will leave you breathless."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョコレーとう[1]
Pun on "chocolate" and「島」(, the on'yomi reading of "island"); written in English as "Chocolate Island" in the Super Mario World Shogakukan guide.[2]

Chinese 巧克力岛
Qiǎokèlì Dǎo
Chocolate Island

French Île Chocolat
̊Ile au Chocolat
Chocolate Island
German Schoko-Insel
Choco Island
Italian Isola della Cioccolata[3]
Chocolate Island
Portuguese Ilha Chocolate
Chocolate Island
Spanish Isla de Chocolate
Isla Chocolate[4]
Chocolate Island


As Chocolate Island does not have its own unique submap, it shares a musical theme with Donut Plains and the Twin Bridges.

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