Cookie Mountain

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Cookie Mountain
Mario slamming into a Monty Mole while flying in the air in the level Cookie Mountain.
Mario floating while knocking off a Monty Mole
Level code 4-2
World Twin Bridges
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Cookie Mountain is a level in World 4 (Twin Bridges) in Super Mario World. To access it, the player must complete Cheese Bridge Area. The player encounters large swarms of Monty Moles in this level. Completing this stage gives access to #4 Ludwig's Castle. This level also marks the first appearance of the Sumo Brother, an enemy which stomps the ground to create a fire obstacle in Mario's path. They cannot be stomped, but they can be hit from below or cape-spun to be destroyed.


Caped Mario spins into Monty Moles while trying to recover Yoshi towards the end of the level

At the beginning of Cookie Mountain, the player encounters a Koopa without a Shell sliding down a hill, followed by two Monty Moles. After crossing a short gap, the player encounters a Sumo Brother who stomps, causing fire to spring up beneath his platform. There is also a Monty Mole beneath the platform. The next section has five slanted platforms: the first slanted away from the player, and the rest slanted towards them (there are also sliding Koopas without Shells on the second, fourth and fifth platforms). The player also finds the first Dragon Coin above the second slanted platform. After progressing upwards, the player sees a staircase-like structure with four Monty Moles who jump out. Afterward, if the player is Caped Mario, flying up leads to a cloud platform where a 1-Up Mushroom is obtainable. If the player opts to go below, the next mountain contains four more Monty Moles who jump out in quick succession. The player must maneuver past two hard-to-reach Sumo Brothers and a Monty Mole below (the second Dragon Coin is easily noticeable below the first Sumo Brother). After a Jumping Piranha Plant, the Midway Gate appears.

Bonus Coin being dropped by a Yoshi Cloud after picking up two Pink Berries.

A very large mountain up ahead has four Monty Moles that emerge if one stays to the ground and another two if they climb the vine upwards (located in third block to the near right). If the player decides to use this vine, they can find the third Dragon Coin, plus a 1-Up atop the mountain. If the player then decides to go to the blue pipe, they find a water sub-area. The player must go left instead of right and they find two Porcu-Puffers following Mario and some coins. After avoiding the Porcu-Puffers and continuing left, the player finds a green-mushroom platform with a red pipe above it. Soon following the red pipe, there is a Monty Mole and a ? Block surrounded by two Jump Blocks. The player can only obtain the Yoshi within if the red blocks are activated from the Red Switch Palace, since this is the only way to hit the blocks below. There are three mini-mountains ahead containing a total of four Monty Moles and the fourth Dragon Coin atop the second mountain. If the player manages to find the Yoshi, they are able to obtain a power-up of any choice from the box located at ground level. The second of three silver pipes contains a Jumping Piranha Plant. The final Dragon Coin is above either a gap or green blocks, depending on the status of the Green Switch Palace, followed by a small platform and either another gap or red blocks.

The upcoming section has two Sumo Brothers on two levels of ? Blocks, both attempting to hurt and/or halt the player. Finally, the player needs to defeat a Chargin' Chuck and arrive at the Giant Gate.


Sprite Name Count
Monty Mole SMW sprite Monty Mole 29
Sprite of a Blue Koopa without a Shell from Super Mario World Koopa without a Shell (blue) 4
Sprite of a Sumo Brother from Super Mario World Sumo Bro 5
Jumping Piranha Plant from Super Mario World Jumping Piranha Plant 2
A Jumping Fire Piranha Plant from Super Mario World. Jumping Fire Piranha Plant 1
Sprite of a Porcu-Puffer from Super Mario World Porcu-Puffer 2
Chargin' Chuck whistling for help Bouncing Charging Chuck 1

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せんべいやま[1]
Senbei Yama
Senbei Mountain
French Montagne Cookie Cookie Mountain
German Cookie-Berg Cookie Mountain
Italian Monte Biscotto Cookie Mountain
Portuguese Montanha de Biscoito Cookie Mountain
Spanish (NOE) Montaña Galleta Cookie Mountain


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