Chocolate Island 5

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Chocolate Island 5
World-Level 6-5
Game Super Mario World
Notes This level will have many items and enemies trapped inside of Turning Blocks and Used Blocks.
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Chocolate Island 5 is a level from the game Super Mario World. It is located in World 6, Chocolate Island. This level has Spinies and many other things such as Coins and ? Blocks trapped inside of Rotating Blocks and Used Blocks, which are not seen in any other levels from the game. An interesting glitch can be found in this level where the player can ride an invisible and invincible Yoshi. This is a unique stage which contains six Dragon Coins as opposed to the usual five.


Mario or Luigi will start the level on a ledge above the plain below. The player should notice an abundance of Spinies trapped in Used Blocks (thirteen in total). Also present is a trapped pipe, a ? Block, and a P-Switch. Be wary of the P-Switch, it will turn all Used Blocks into coins, thus plummeting Mario or Luigi into the pit below where it lies. A second gray P-Switch resides high above the ground, and is only obtainable via flying with a Cape Feather. This P-Switch will turn all enemies into silver coins which can be collected (eight for a 1-Up, nine for a 2-Up, and for every additional coin, a 3-Up). If attempting these lives, remember to hit the original P-Switch to release the Spinies first. The ? Block contains a Yoshi (or 1-Up), and the bottom-right Turning Block contains a Power-Up (either a Super Mushroom or Fire Flower).

The yellow pipe leads to a bonus 1-Up game. Continuing on the surface, the player should notice the first Dragon Coin, which can be snagged if the P-Switch was used, along with a block containing all the game's power-ups cycling. Said block can be eaten if the player is riding Yoshi, timing it to reach a desirable power-up is advised. Shortly afterward, a block containing a Super Mushroom will appear if the player has completed the Yellow Switch Palace. As this first portion of the level ends, one will see a water portion with Paragoombas and Para-bombs descending from the heavens. Dragon Coin number two is easily spotted slightly above the water surface. These parachuting enemies may pose a problem if the Star was not grabbed when available. The Green Shell signifies the next portion of this section, although it may seem pointless, think again. If the player is riding a Blue Yoshi (obtained in Star World), then swallowing this green shell will allow flight instantly. Work the way higher to notice a platform containing many more shells, of all colors. Remember that different shells do different things when swallowed by Yoshi.

The yellow pipe up ahead is where the player will find themselves if they accessed the 1-Up bonus game, conveniently located right in front of the Midway Gate. Head down this pipe for a bonus area involving Cheep-Cheeps and Super Mushrooms floating in bubbles. The Cheep Cheeps can be killed instantly when on land, but try to avoid encountering them in the water. One will find Dragon Coins three & four in this area. Back on the high ground, a series of moving green pipes provide access to the fifth (but not final) Dragon Coin. When traversing the vertical/horizontal blocks portion, make sure to watch that pit of death below! A Chargin' Chuck guards the sixth (and final) Dragon Coin on yet another yellow pipe. When Mario or Luigi has solid ground under them again, they will see a trio of Chargin' Chucks guarding the Giant Gate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョコレーとう コース5
Chokorē Tō Kōsu 5
A portmanteau between 「チョコレート」 chokorēto (chocolate) and 「島」 -tō (Island, as used in names); "Chocolat Island Course 5".
Spanish Isla de Chocolate 5 Chocolate Island 5
French île Chocolat 5 Chocolate Island 5
German Schoko-Insel 5 Choco Island 5