Chocolate Island 5

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Chocolate Island 5
Mario kicking a Koopa Shell at more Shells in Chocolate Island 5.
Koopa Shells eliminated by one kicked by Mario
Level code 6-5
World Chocolate Island
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Chocolate Island 5 is a level from the game Super Mario World. It is located in World 6, Chocolate Island. This level has Spinies and many other things such as coins and Prize Blocks trapped inside of Rotating Blocks and Empty Blocks, which are not seen in any other levels from the game. An interesting glitch can be found in this level where the player can ride an invisible and invincible Yoshi, or generate infinite 1-Ups. This is a unique stage which contains seven Dragon Coins as opposed to the usual five. The level is unlocked after completing Chocolate Island 4 and its own completion unlocks #6 Wendy's Castle.


Mario or Luigi start the level on a ledge above the plain below. The player should notice an abundance of Spinies trapped in Empty Blocks (thirteen in total). Also present is a trapped pipe, a Prize Block, and a Switch Block. The Switch Block turns all Empty Blocks into coins, thus plummeting Mario or Luigi into the pit below where it lies. A Gray P Switch resides high above the ground, and is only obtainable via flying with a Cape Feather. The Gray P Switch turns all enemies into silver coins which can be collected (eight for a 1-Up, nine for a 2-Up, and for every additional coin, a 3-Up). To the right of the cloud with the Gray P Switch on it is the first Dragon Coin, hovering in the air high above the yellow pipe. The Prize Block contains a Yoshi (or 1-Up), and the bottom-right Rotating Block contains a power-up (either a Super Mushroom or Fire Flower).

The yellow pipe leads to a 1-Up bonus game. Continuing on the surface, the player should notice the second Dragon Coin, which can be obtained if the Switch Block was used, along with a Roulette Block. The item in the Roulette Block can be eaten using a Yoshi. Shortly afterward, a block containing a Super Mushroom appears if the player has completed the Yellow Switch Palace. As this first portion of the level ends, the player encounters a water portion with Para-Goombas and Para-bombs. The third Dragon Coin is then found slightly above the water surface. The Green Shell signifies the next portion of this section. If the player is riding a Blue Yoshi (obtained in Star World), then swallowing this green shell allows flight instantly. The player must make their way higher, where a platform containing more shells of different colors is found.

Before the water section with the third Dragon Coin is a yellow pipe that leads to a bonus area involving Cheep Cheeps and Super Mushrooms floating in bubbles. The fourth and fifth Dragon Coins are found in this area. Both this area and the 1-Up bonus game at the beginning of the level exit through another yellow pipe located in front of the Midway Gate. In the main area, a series of moving green pipes provide access to the sixth Dragon Coin. Stretch Blocks above a pit are then found. A Chargin' Chuck is found next to the seventh Dragon Coin on a yellow pipe. (Note that if the player has already collected five Dragon Coins upon exiting the bonus area, the last two Dragon Coins in the main area will have disappeared. To be able to collect all seven Dragon Coins, the player must make sure to have fewer than five upon returning to the main area.) Mario or Luigi then reach an area with solid ground under them again and three Chargin' Chucks. The Giant Gate is then found.


Sprite Name Count
Sprite of a Spiny from Super Mario World Spiny 13
Sprite of a Para-Goomba from Super Mario World Para-Goomba 2
Sprite of a Para-bomb from Super Mario World Para-bomb 2
Green Shell Koopa Shell (green) 2
Red Shell Koopa Shell (red) 2
Blue_Shell Koopa Shell (blue) 2
Yellow Shell.png Koopa Shell (yellow) 2
A Cheep Cheep encased in a Bubble Cheep Cheep 9
Clappin' Chuck Clappin' Chuck 4

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョコレーとう コース5
Chokorē-tō Kōsu 5
Chocolate Island Course 5

French île Chocolat 5
Chocolate Island 5
German Schoko-Insel 5
Choco Island 5
Italian Cioccoisola 5
Chocolate Island 5
Spanish Isla de Chocolate 5
Chocolate Island 5