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Mario and Yoshi standing on a ? Block
Level code 9-6
World Special Zone
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Mondo is the sixth level of the Special Zone in Super Mario World. At first glance, it looks like a normal level, with a few platforms and pipes; however, Mondo actually has a special feature: every now and then, water will rise, flooding the whole level.


Mondo consists of one long area, a short screen with the Giant Gate, and an optional area down a blue Warp Pipe. This level has five Dragon Coins, and allows the player 300 seconds on the timer to complete. Although Koopa Troopas and Jumping Piranha Plants can be seen in Mondo, the most common enemies here are Cheep Cheeps. Without water, these fish flop around erratically, but when the level is flooded, they swim as they usually do.

Normal exit[edit]

The player must be very careful, as the way of crossing the level depends on whether there is water or not. For instance, there are two ways to reach the top of a high pipe; the player can either use the platform of an Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother as a lift, or swim over the pipe when the level is flooded. A Cape Feather can be found in the first ? Block if Mario or Luigi are big, or a Super Mushroom if they are small. Yoshi can be found in a ? Block as well. The end part of the level contains a bunch of ? Blocks, which mostly contain coins. The player is given the option to save after this level. Using a Cape Feather, if Mario or Luigi wait long enough at the beginning of the level for the water level to drop below the ground, he will have enough running space to take off and fly over the level and to the Warp Pipe leading to the Giant Gate. This requires steady timing, however, as the player will have to press left on the +Control Pad almost rhythmically to keep above the Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brothers, as the second top half of the level constantly stays off camera.

The level map of Mondo


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペシャリストのためのコース (SNES)
Supesharisuto no Tame no Kōsu
スペシャリストのためのコース2 (GBA)
Supesharisuto no Tame no Kōsu 2
Specialists Only Course

Specialists Only Course 2
French Mondo From the English name
German Exquisit Exquisite
Italian Strano[1] Strange/Weird
Spanish Rarito Weird