Vanilla Dome 3

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Vanilla Dome 3
Vanilla Dome 3.png
World-Level 3-3
Game Super Mario World
Notes This is the first area to feature Blargg. (It does actually also feature in Vanilla Dome 1 in the second part of the level however the Blarggs at the bottom of the falling platform don't take any effect).
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Vanilla Dome 3 is the third level of Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World. It can be accessed through the completion of Vanilla Ghost House. By completing this level, the player gains access to Vanilla Dome 4.


The level takes place on a lava river in the Vanilla Dome world. At the start of the level, there are two Flying ? Blocks and a stationary one. The first Flying ? Block and the stationary one are coin blocks, and the top Flying ? Block contains a 1-Up Mushroom.

The player must continue on the lava river while standing on Skull Rafts and avoiding Blarggs. On the next platform, the player needs to hit an invisible Coin Block to get over the pipes. There is also a power-up ? Block containing a Cape Feather. Afterwards, there is a blue Beach Koopa kicking a red shell up and down the adjacent pipe, right underneath the midpoint gate. After that, there are more Skull Rafts, and they continue until the end of the level. With a cape, the Mario Bros. can fly up to the ceiling near where the orange tubes and invisible blocks are to go through a pipe to a bonus game.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バニラドーム コース3
Banira Dōmu Kōsu 3
Vanilla Dome Course 3
Spanish Colina Vainilla 3 Vanilla Hill 3
French Dome Vanille 3 Vanilla Dome 3
German Vanille-Dom 3 Vanilla Dome 3