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A Midway Gate, from Super Mario World, and how it looks when the bar is cut

Midway Gates[1][2] are checkpoints near the middle of most levels in Super Mario World, excluding auto-scrolling levels, underwater levels (in the original version), Star World levels, and Special Zone levels. They appear as two blue-and-white-striped posts, linked by a white bar, thus looking like smaller versions of the Giant Gates in the same game. When Mario or Luigi passes through, the bar disappears, which respawns him at the Midway Gate if the player loses a life in the level. If Mario or Luigi cuts the bar when in his small form, he turns into Super Mario or Super Luigi, respectively. When the player restarts at the Midway Gate, the bar will be missing.

In Super Mario Maker and its sequel, Checkpoint Flags replace the Midway Gates in the Super Mario World style.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 中間ゲート[3]
Chūkan Gēto
Middle Gate
French Portail à mi-chemin Midway Gate
German Rücksetzpunkt Reset Point
Italian Traguardo intermedio Intermediate goal
Portuguese Portão Intermediário Intermediate Gate
Spanish Puerta Intermedia


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