Yoshi Cloud

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Yoshi Cloud
An animated sprite of the Yoshi Cloud
First appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Latest appearance Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (2001)
Effect Gives 10 Bonus Coins

A Yoshi Cloud[1] is an object that appears in Super Mario World. It resembles a small Lakitu's Cloud, complete with a smiling face.


Super Mario World[edit]

A Yoshi Cloud dropping Bonus Coins

In Super Mario World and its reissue, when Yoshi eats two Pink Berries, he hatches an egg with a Yoshi Cloud inside, which then hovers above Mario or Luigi and pops out ten Bonus Coins, after which it flies away. If Mario or Luigi manages to collect all ten coins, the Yoshi Cloud will reward him with a 1-Up Mushroom. The Yoshi Cloud can appear only in Cookie Mountain, Forest of Illusion 1, Forest of Illusion 3, and Groovy as these are the only levels with more than one Pink Berry.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

In chapter 8 of volume 2 in Super Mario-kun, while fighting a Jumping Pumpkin Plant, Mario falls on Yoshi, making him pop out an egg. Inside, a Yoshi Cloud appears. Mario jumps on it and eats the Bonus Coins, becoming the big-headed Nikoniko Mario, scaring off the enemy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese [2]
Bōnasu Kumo

Bonus Cloud
French Nuage Rieur[4] Laughing Cloud
Italian Nuvola Bonus[5] Bonus Cloud


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