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Artwork of an Eerie for Super Mario World
Artwork of an Eerie in Super Mario World
First appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Latest appearance Nintendo Puzzle Collection (2003)
Variant of Boo

Eeries are ghostly dinosaurs that first appeared in Super Mario World. They can fly in either straight or wobbly lines and usually appear in packs, damaging Mario or Luigi on contact. Eeries are encountered only in Ghost Houses, and they appear in most of them. Like Boos, they can be defeated only with a Super Star. Eeries make another appearance in the Nintendo GameCube version of Yoshi's Cookie, where they appear as the fourth opponent in the game's VS. Mode if the player plays on the medium difficulty.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario World[edit]

  • Super Mario World instruction booklet: This is a dinosaur spook that roams the haunted house. It comes after you with its pale face and ohhhh, what a ghastly spook it is![1]
  • Mario Mania: As they sweep through Ghost Houses, Eeries can catch Mario off guard. He can't beat them but he can jump them or stop them with a Spin Jump.[2]
  • Nintendo Power Issue #28: Eeries: These zombie-like Eeries fly in their sleep.[3]

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2[edit]

  • Denizens of Dinosaur Land poster: These ghastly spooks roam about the Haunted House. They're ghostly pale, and they chase after all interlopers. Creepy![4]

Nintendo Kōshiki Guidebook – Yoshi's Egg[edit]


A dinosaur spirit. When a dinosaur with lingering regrets dies naturally or is slain, it appears as such a ghostly body. (Mr. Tetsurō Tamba's unbelievable claim).

Perfect Ban Mario Character Daijiten[edit]

種族 ゴースト族
性格 のんびり屋さん
登場ゲーム ワールド

Tribe: Ghost clan
Disposition: Easygoing person
Game appearances: World
A dinosaur wandering in a haunted house
A dinosaur ghost who lives with Boo and her friends in a haunted house. They only wander around in the air in groups and do not attack in any particular way. They are funny-looking dinosaur ghosts.

Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros.[edit]

Bio: おばけ屋敷に出現する恐竜 のオバケ。空中を横方向に浮遊してくる。[7]
A dinosaur spirit that appears in haunted houses. They float horizontally through the air.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレサウルス
Pun on「テレサ」(Teresa, Boo) and "-saurus"; officially romanized as "Telesauls"
Chinese 嘘嘘龙[8]
Xūxū Lóng
From「噓噓鬼」(Xūxū Guǐ, Boo) and「恐龙」(kǒnglóng, dinosaur)
French (NOA) Les sinistres The sinisters
French (NOE) Le Mystérieux The Mysterious
German Eerie[9]
Pun on dinosaur and spuk (haunt)
Italian Eerie[10][11] -
Portuguese Eerie -
Spanish (NOA) Espectro Specter[12][page number needed]



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