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Not to be confused with e World from Mario vs. Donkey Kong or Orbiting Observatory (also known as World E) from Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars.

World-e (alternatively e-Reader world[1] or the e-World[2]) is a bonus world, which has an island shaped like a lowercase "e," found only in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. The world itself is separate from the main adventure, and it can be played at the player's leisure. Although it sports no standard levels within its vicinity, World-e features a Warp Zone that can warp Mario and Luigi to brand-new levels, provided the player has scanned and loaded the appropriate level cards with an e-Reader. World-e is normally disabled in the European release due to the level cards being unreleased, but it can be accessible via exploiting a save file glitch, revealing it had been fully translated and intact.

Hidden within the new levels are Advance Coins. If the player accumulates enough Advance Coins, they will gain access to the three Toad Houses in the area, where they can play minigames in exchange for a few of their grand total of coins from World-e. Unfortunately, due to the limited support for the e-Reader outside Japan, non-Japanese players can access fewer levels and only enough Advance Coins to enter the Blue Mushroom House (a digging minigame). Japanese players can get enough to open the Red Mushroom House (a ball-throwing minigame) and Orange Mushroom House (a Balloon Fight-esque minigame, except going up and with a P-Wing).

Certain levels have an e-Coin hidden inside them. e-Coins are usually well hidden and can be collected only once. They are then put on display in the e-Coin Castle. However, due to the premature cancellation of the e-Reader outside Japan, only three e-Coins can be obtained elsewhere—the Mushroom, Super Leaf, and Starman e-Coins. Japanese players were able to get the Fire Flower, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach e-Coins along with the first three.

In all Virtual Console versions of the game, all levels in World-e are unlocked by default (or, in the case of the European version, present in any capacity), including all of the levels released in Japan. Consequentially, all World-e Toad Houses are also accessible upon gaining the necessary Advance Coins.

Level information[edit]

Level Preview Summary
★01 Classic World 1-1 W1-1SMA4e.png A remake of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros.
★02 Classic World 1-2 W1-2SMA4e.png A remake of World 1-2 from the original Super Mario Bros.
★03 Classic World 1-3 W1-3SMA4e.png A remake of World 1-3 from the original Super Mario Bros.
★04 Classic World 1-4 W1-4SMA4e.png A remake of World 1-4 from the original Super Mario Bros.
★05 Classic World 2-2 W2-2SMA4e.png A remake of World 2-2 from the original Super Mario Bros.
●01 Wild Ride in the Sky The level Wild Ride in the Sky An autoscrolling sky level with many moving platforms.
●02 Slidin' the Slopes Slidin' the Slopes.png A desert level with great slopes and Triangular Blocks.
●03 Vegetable Volley Vegetable Volley.png A level with grass to pull out vegetables like in Super Mario Bros. 2 and a group of Chargin' Chucks.
●04 Doors o' Plenty Doors o' Plenty.png A maze-like Ghost House with many doors and Boos with a Big Boo as the boss.
●05 Bombarded by Bob-ombs Bombarded by Bob-ombs.png An autoscrolling airship level with many Bob-ombs and cannons firing them. Boom Boom is at the end as the boss.
●06 Magical Note Blocks Magical Note Blocks.png An upward cave level with Jump Blocks forming the way.
●07 The ol' Switcheroo The ol' Switcheroo.png A underground tunnel level with coins. The player needs to hit P Switches to turn coins into pathways.
●08 Piped Full of Plants Piped Full of Plants.png A level made of mostly pipes with many Piranha Plants and Fire Piranha Plants.
●09 Swinging Bars of Doom Swinging Bars of Doom A castle level with Fire-Bars. Two Boom Booms are at the end as bosses.
●10 Para Beetle Challenge Para Beetle Challenge.png An autoscrolling sky level with many Para Beetles acting as platforms.
●11 A Musical Trek SMA4 A Musical Trek Screenshot.png A sky level with many Jump Blocks forming the way.
●12 Armored Airship SMA4 Armored Airship.png An autoscrolling airship level with Lemmy Koopa as the boss.
●13 Ice Dungeon The e-reader level Kōri no Chika de Ōawate!. A level consists of an underground cave segment and several aboveground ice-themed segments.
●14 A Sky-High Adventure SMA4 A Sky-High Adventure Screenshot.png A short level with an optional maze of doors and rooms requiring the abilities of the Tanooki Suit.
●15 Sea to Sky SMA4 Sea to Sky Screenshot.png A level with seaside and underwater segments and a final sky segment requiring the Cape Feather's flying ability.
●16 It's a Shoe-In SMA4 It's a Shoe-In Screenshot.png A castle level with many obstacles requiring the Goomba's Shoe.
●17 Slip Slidin' Away A screenshot of the level Slip Slidin' Away. An ice-themed level with many Stretch Blocks and Bumpties, with a back-and-forth autoscrolling segment near the end.
●18 Ice Cubed SMA4 Ice Cubed Screenshot.png An ice block fortress with many frozen coins and two Boom Booms as bosses.
●19 Puzzling Pipe Maze SMA4 Puzzling Pipe Maze Screenshot.png A desert level with a large pipe maze.
●20 A Towering Tour SMA4 A Towering Tour Screenshot.png A level consisting of a sky segment with Snake Blocks and a descending tower segment.
●21 Castle Dash Escape The Castle!!.png A castle level with short Time Limit, requiring the playing to dash through lots of obstacles.
●22 Rich with Ropes RopeClimbingAthletic.png A desert level with many ropes and Hoopsters on them.
●23 Vexing Doors World-e, Level 23. A ghost house level with maze of doors, Snake Blocks and P-Switches. A Big Boo is at the end as the boss.
●24 Caped Escape Mantle de Ōzora o Tobe! A sky level requiring Cape Feather's flying ability.
●25 Ground Work Level World-e-25 from Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 A desert level with lots of soft sand to dig through.
●26 An Aqueous Adventure Umi no Naka wa Kiken de Ippai! An underwater level with many Fire-Bars and Rotary Lifts.
●27 Bowser's Last Stand World-e, Level 27 A longer take on Bowser's Castle with Bowser as the boss.
●28 Koopaling Confusion Kokuppa ni Damasareru na! An autoscrolling battleship level with Ludwig von Koopa as the boss.
●29 Bowser's Airship 1 Bowser's Airship 1 The first part of an autoscrolling airship level with Boom Boom as the boss.
●30 Bowser's Airship 2 SMA4 Bowser's Airship 2 Screenshot.png The second part of an autoscrolling airship level with Bowser as the boss.
PR Airship's Revenge Airship's Revenge An autoscrolling airship level with Morton Koopa Jr. as the boss.
PR No Time to Dawdle SMA4 No Time to Dawdle.png Another level with a very short time limit, requiring the player to rush through the course.
PR Treacherous Halls Challenge!! Togetoge.png A castle level with many spiked floors, requiring the player to stomp on enemies to cross them. A Boom Boom is fought here.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese WORLDe+
(Early release version)
(Late-shipping version, Virtual Console version)
Wārudo Ī Purasu
World e plus
French Monde-e World-e
German e-Welt e-World
Italian Mondo-e World-e
Spanish Mundo-e World-e


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