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A Treasure Ship[citation needed] (also known as Coin Ship[citation needed]) is a large, flying vessel that appears in Super Mario Bros. 3. If Mario or Luigi venture onto a Treasure Ship, they will find dozens of coins that they can collect, plus an invisible blue 1-up mushroom for the NES version. Not including the ones battled at the end, there are no enemies found on the ships. However, they can still lose a life either by getting crushed by the scrolling screen, falling off the ship, or letting the timer run out. If a player dies while on board a Treasure Ship, it reverts back to the Hammer Bro icon. The Treasure Ship was inspired by the Takarabune of Japanese folklore, as well as the Baochuan (寶船/宝船) that were believed to exist in Ancient China.

The map of the Treasure Ship in the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Treasure Ships are summoned through a trick that must be performed by following a specific method:

  • The player must be in either Grass Land, Water Land, Sky Land or Ice Land.
  • A Hammer Bro Enemy Course must be on the map.
  • Mario or Luigi must finish a stage with a Coin total ending in a multiple of 11 (zero doesn't count).
  • The tens digit of the player's score must match the multiple of 11.
  • As each second left on the timer will award the player 50 points, the timer must be stopped on an even number so that the number of points received is a multiple of 100. Alternatively, an odd number will work if the score is 50 points off from the correct multiple.

For instance, if the above criteria are met, and the player ends a stage with 44 Coins and a score 0246240, they will successfully trigger a Treasure Ship. Note that this trick will only work once in any given world.

At the end of the ship, two Boomerang Bros. are fought. The reward for defeating them would be whatever item the Hammer Bro that got replaced by the ship would've normally given (ie, a Starman for Grass Land, a Hammer/Starman for Water Land, a P-Wing/Starman/Music Box for Sky Land, and a Hammer/Jugem's Cloud/Starman for Ice Land).


  • The Japanese/Chinese character on the sail of Treasure Ships is "宝", which means "treasure" in both languages.[1]
  • Barring the prizes upon beating the two Boomerang Bros., the Treasure Ship always contains the same amount of items, which is 168 Coins and a hidden 1-Up Mushroom near the final Warp Pipe.
  • The Treasure Ship bears a resemblance to the ship seen in the title screen of the game Shin Onigashima.
  • A golden airship similar to the Treasure Ship makes an appearance in New Super Mario Bros. 2 as part of World 5-A.


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