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Not to be confused with In Search of Lost Brother.
Statue Mario
Statue Mario
Artwork from Super Mario 3D Land
Applies to Mario, Luigi
Item needed Tanooki Suit (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Statue Leaf (Super Mario 3D Land)
Power(s) given Temporary invulnerability, hard ground pound (Super Mario 3D Land only)
First appearance Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Latest appearance Mario Kart Tour (Autumn Tour) (2021)

Statue Mario (also known as Mario Statue[1] or a Statue[2]) is a derivative form of Tanooki Mario that debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3. While in this form, the Mario Bros. are invulnerable to all enemies, though they are immobile.

In Super Mario Bros. 3, this form resembles Kṣitigarbha, the protector of travelers and the guardian of souls, who is known as Daigan Jizō Bosatsu in Japan.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

In Super Mario Bros. 3, Tanooki Mario can become Statue Mario by holding +Control Pad down and pressing B Button at the same time. As a statue, Tanooki Mario cannot move, but he cannot be hurt either, and if he uses this ability in the air, he can defeat many enemies, instantly destroying all Goombas and enemies with throwable shells (like Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles, and Spinies). The statue can also stomp previously unstompable enemies like Piranha Plants, Piranhacus Giganticuses, Venus Fire Traps, Spiny Eggs, Thwomps, Podoboos, Firesnakes, and Chain Chomps.

The Statue form is also the only way to destroy Roto-Discs and Rocket Engine flames. Statue Mario sinks rapidly underwater, and can even oppose some pipes' upward currents. This allows Mario to stomp Lava Lotuses, Bloobers and fish enemies underwater. Boss Bass is the only fish that Mario cannot stomp on, and the only enemy that can defeat him in that form by eating him. In Super Mario All-Stars, tornadoes can turn Statue Mario back into Tanooki Mario on contact. He can still turn into the statue while in the tornado, but it does not free him nor have any desirable effect. Statue Mario also automatically reverts to Tanooki form after five seconds.

In the NES version's ending, a Koopa Troopa suspiciously looks at Statue Mario during Sky Land's segment.

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 adds new utilities to this form: it can reveal Vanishing Blocks and break Rock Blocks. Additionally, Luigi's Statue form is taller, matching his normal height, rather than Mario's in this version.

Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

Statue Mario SM3DL.png

In Super Mario 3D Land, Statue Mario or Luigi is used with a Statue Leaf instead due to the absence of Raccoon Mario and the Tanooki Suit. Mario's Statue form now wears a red scarf and depicts Tanooki Mario raising his right hand, and Luigi's Statue form instead wears a green scarf while showing Kitsune Luigi raising his left hand.

Mario or Luigi cannot transform on the ground, as the statue transformation replaces the Ground Pound; he can pound in raised stumps with only one pound, as opposed to needing two ground pounds with other forms. The longer L Button or R Button is held, the longer the brothers stay in Statue form. When Statue Mario or Luigi shakes about twelve seconds after landing, he reverts to Tanooki form. The Statue form protects Mario or Luigi from most hazards within levels, except for lava, pits, poison, or the Time Limit running out. Enemies ignore Mario or Luigi while they are in their Statue form. Nearly all types of enemies can be taken out with a statue stomp, and obstacles are destroyed or stopped if they run into Statue Mario or Luigi.

Super Mario 3D World / Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury[edit]

In Super Mario 3D World and its port, despite Tanooki Mario's reappearance, neither Statue Mario nor the Statue Leaf return. But, if Mario uses a Lucky Bell to turn into Cat Mario, he can transform into Lucky Cat Mario, which functions similarly to Statue Mario, though Mario is invincible (rather than ignored and invulnerable) and earns coins while falling in that form. Similar to the Statue form, Lucky Cat characters raise their right paw (left for Luigi).

Super Mario Maker / Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS / Super Mario Maker 2[edit]

A costume takes the form of Statue Mario in Super Mario Maker. Mario can wear this costume once he collects its respective Mystery Mushroom. The Statue Mario costume can be unlocked by clearing the Secrets of Statue Mario Event Course, released on March 3, 2016. Mario does not take the form of the statue himself, but carries it instead. Additionally, in Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario Maker 2, knocking on a Warp Door in the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme may cause Weird Mario to appear in this form.

Super Mario Odyssey[edit]

A Jizo in Super Mario Odyssey
Mario as a Jizo in Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey, when Mario captures a Jizo, it looks like the current appearance of Statue Mario. Unlike in prior games, he can move while using one, letting him line up with other Jizo statues (for a Power Moon), collect additional coins or Hearts from glowing spots, weigh down P Switches, and break certain cracked blocks. Uncaptured Jizos also resemble the original appearance of Statue Mario in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Mario Kart series[edit]

One of Tanooki Mario's tricks (which is anti-gravity-specific in Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and appears randomly in Mario Kart Tour) is briefly transforming into this form before turning back.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

There is a trophy of Statue Mario in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. The description says that Statue Mario is invincible, when in actuality, he is invulnerable in Super Mario 3D Land, which the trophy's appearance is based on.

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition[edit]

This form returns in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition as an unlockable form. Statue Mario, who is Light/Fire-attributed, is gained after ★World 1 is cleared; his skill "Statue Shine" changes all orbs into Light Orbs and Heart Orbs, and his leader skill, aptly named "Mario's Luck", raises the team's attack power by 3x, as long as their HP is 50% or more of the total. Statue Luigi, who is a Light/Wood character, is unlocked after beating ★World 2; his "Statue Flash" skill turns Heart Orbs into Light Orbs, and his leader skill "Luigi's Luck" increases the team's attack power by 3.5x after attacking with 4 or more attributes at once.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

Statue Mario. Cropped from page 23 of volume 6 of Super Mario-kun.

Statue Mario appears in Super Mario-kun. They use this form even without the usage of a Tanooki Suit and, unlike in the games, Mario can move and even fight his enemies as a statue. A running gag sees Mario or Luigi using this power-up underwater, sinking to the bottom. In a chapter from volume 6, Mario and Luigi are turned into stone by Sphinx Zō. However, only Mario resembles the Super Mario Bros. 3 statue.

In volume 46, Luigi wins two Statue Leaves from a raffle held by a Monty Mole wearing glasses. Mario and Luigi then use their statue forms in order to defeat the Morty Mole that was attacking the festival.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Statue Mario
Category: Series Related
How to unlock:
Statue Mario is invincible and will be ignored by his enemies. If he transforms in midair, he'll do a nice Thwomp impression but he can't move! Well, unless a moving platform carries him into unlucky enemies. Give it a try in Super Mario 3D Land! (American English)
Statue Mario's not just invincible – he's invisible to enemies. If Mario turns into Statue Mario in mid-air, he'll slam down and be stuck to the spot. Moving platforms will still carry him, though, and he'll knock down anyone in his way. Try it next time you play Super Mario 3D Land! (British English)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 地蔵マリオ
Jizō Mario
Jizō Mario

Chinese (simplified) 地藏马力欧[3]
Dìzàng Mǎlì'ōu
Jizō Mario

Chinese (traditional) 地藏瑪利歐[4]
Dìzàng Mǎlì'ōu
Jizō Mario

Dutch Standbeeld-Mario
Statue Mario
French Mario Statue
German Statuen-Mario
Statue Mario
Italian Mario statua
Statue Mario
Korean 돌부처마리오
Dolbucheo Mario
Stone Buddha (Statue) Mario

Portuguese Mario Estátua
Statue Mario
Russian Марио-статуя
Statue Mario

Spanish Mario Estatua
Statue Mario


  • According to the comic book story "Tanooki Suits Me", the statue transformation is triggered by pressing a button on the front of the Tanooki Suit, and to change back, one has to simply wish to be human again.
  • The effect of the Stone Cap in Paper Mario is similar to Statue Mario, as it also transforms Mario into an invincible, yet immobile stone statue.
  • While the form itself does not appear in the game, in the final levels of New Super Mario Bros. 2, the Koopalings show up and try to turn Mario/Luigi into stone with a blinding light from the Koopa Clown Car. Unlike the proper Statue form, this state is involuntary and serves as a hindrance, which Mario/Luigi must avoid by hiding behind walls in the background. If they are turned to stone, the player must mash the buttons to revert to normal.
  • According to the Prima Games guide of Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, Statue Mario depicts Mario as an old man.[6]


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