World 1 (Super Mario 3D Land)

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World 1
World1 SM3DL.png
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Level(s) 5
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World 1 is the first world in Super Mario 3D Land. It takes place in a green field with flowers, pipes and hills in the background. It features five levels, a Mystery Box, and a Toad House. As the start of Mario's adventure, the levels of World 1 are rather basic.

This world reappears as a background for Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.


Level Preview Description
World 1-1 Super Mario 3D Land Screenshot - Invincibility Leaf The first course in the game.
World 1-2 3DS SuperMario 8 scrn08 E3.png The first underground course of the game, with Ball 'N' Chains.
World 1-3 SquashBugs3DLand.png An athletic course high in the sky.
World 1-4 SM3DL World 1-4.png An athletic course with Switchboards. Requires 3 Star Medals to be unlocked.
World 1-Castle Icon.png World 1 5 SM3DL.png The very first Castle course of the game.

Mystery Box[edit]

The six possible contents of this world's Mystery Box are:

Enemies introduced[edit]


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