World 7-1 (Super Mario 3D Land)

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World 7-1
3DS SuperMario 6 scrn06 E3.png
Level code World 7-1
World World 7
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Time limit 400 seconds
Music sample

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World 7-1 is the first level of World 7 in Super Mario 3D Land.


5 second clear time

This level is reminiscent of World 3-2. Mario starts this level on a grassy area with flowers, a wooden pipe board and a Coin Coffer. Near of this place, there is a large pool of water. The goal is right ahead and can be quickly accessed by a Wall Jump on the wall, or the player may use a Tanooki Suit to cross the gap. Although, Mario must jump on the pool to collect Star Medals. Mario must swim down, until reach in an area with some crates, two Cheep Cheeps and a P Switch. Pressing it, the wall on the right reveals a passage. After crossing some thistles, Mario faces two Porcupuffers guarding another passage. This passage splits into two. Swimming through the first opening, Mario can break many Brick Blocks to get a + Clock. In the second opening, Mario is taken by a stream to the Checkpoint Flag. Then, he must swim inside a U-shaped hollow, where are four Spike Eels and a single Porcupuffer. Mario reaches inside a dry area with a Warp Pipe, a Piranha Plant and Crates. The pipe leads Mario to the ending area, with more Warp Pipes, another Piranha Plant and the Goal Pole.

The entire level can be skipped by jumping over the ravine. Floating across as Tanooki Mario has been officially acknowledged as a shortcut[1], and allows for best times of as little as four seconds[2]. The shortcut is available regardless of power-up state; for example, by Wall Jumping off of one of the cliff faces to the sides.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: Upon entering the water, the player should head to the bottom left. Behind the crates is the first Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: The second Star Medal is found directly beneath the second Spike Eel of the column of the three. It can only be obtained if the Spike Eel is defeated or if it moves to attack while the player is behind it.
  • Star Medal 3: The final Star Medal is found shortly after the second one. It is located inside a cave with another Spike Eel.


Level map[edit]


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