Special 1

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Special 1
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Level(s) 5
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Special 1 is the ninth world of Super Mario 3D Land, and the first special world that the player unlocks after defeating Bowser in World 8-World Bowser icon from Super Mario 3D World.: Part 2. It takes place in a sea green field at night with flowers and hills in the background. The map music is a remix of the game's World 1 map music. If Mario defeats Dry Bowser in the last stage of this world, Luigi is saved and becomes a playable character.


Level Preview Description
Special 1-1 Special 1-1 A harder version of World 2-1, taking place at sunset. This level introduces the Statue Leaf, as well as the Poison Mushroom.
Special 1-2 Special 1-2 A harder version of World 1-2 with the player being chased by a Cosmic Clone.
Special 1-3 Special 1-3 An athletic course similar to World 2-3.
Special 1-4 Special 1-4 A harder version of World 6-1 with the Cheep Cheeps being replaced by Paragoombas and Boomerang Bros.
Special 1-Castle Icon.png Special 1-Castle A harder version of World 1-Castle Icon.pngCastle with the time set to 30 seconds. The boss is Dry Bowser and after completing this, the player unlocks Luigi. Requires 110 Star Medals to be unlocked.

Enemies introduced[edit]


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