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This article is about the collectible coin in Super Mario 3D Land. For the item with the same name in Super Paper Mario, see Star Medal (Super Paper Mario).
Not to be confused with Star Coin.
Star Medal
Star medal.png
A large medal with a star imprinted on it. Unlocks levels when they are collected.

First appearance

Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Sm3dl icon starmedal.png

Star Medals are collectibles in Super Mario 3D Land. There are three in most levels (Mystery Boxes have one or two, and Special 8-Crown has none.), like the Star Coins of the New Super Mario Bros. games, but they work like Power Stars from past 3D platformers. The Star Medals have a similar appearance to Comet Medals from Super Mario Galaxy 2, but they have stars on them instead of comets, and when Mario or Luigi is nearby, they make the same twinkling sounds as Green Stars in that same game. There are 285 Star Medals in the game's levels (including the Special Worlds), plus 50 in the Mystery Boxes, leading to a total of 335 to be collected. Through StreetPass Mystery Boxes, the player can obtain 999 Star Medals, although this serves no purpose, as only 290 are needed to unlock all levels. When the player collects a Star Medal they have already collected in a level, they instead earn three Coins. Also, when the player opens a course with Star Medals, the players pay their medals, but they are refunded back to the player afterward.

In Remix 10 mode of Super Mario Run, a variant of Star Medals known as Bonus Medals appear.

Locked levels[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターメダル
Sutā Medaru
Star Medal
Spanish Medalla de estrella Star medal
French (NOE) Médaille étoile Star medal
Dutch Sterren medaille Star medal
Italian Medaglia Stella Star Medal
Chinese 星星奖章
Xĩngxĩng Jiǎngzhāng
Star Medal (from iQue's localization of Super Mario 3D Land)