World 5 (Super Mario 3D Land)

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World 5
World5 SM3DL.png
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Level(s) 6
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World 5 is the fifth world traveled to in Super Mario 3D Land. The setting of this world is an orange canyon in the sunset with small, yellowish-green cacti and large mountains. There is a small sandstorm occurring in the background. World 5 contains six levels and a Toad House.


Level Preview Description
World 5-1 Pokeys A desert level which introduces the Boomerang Flower power-up.
World 5-2 5-2-SM3DL.png A temple area with a top-down camera perspective, as an homage to the The Legend of Zelda series.
World 5-3 SM3DL5-3.png A sky level with moving platforms and spikes. Requires 40 Star Medals to be unlocked.
World 5-4 A Morty Mole and a Monty Mole An underground, maze-like level, featuring Monty Moles and Morty Moles.
World 5-5 FloatingLand3DLand.png A sky-based level which is traversed using the Propeller Box.
World 5-Castle Icon.png SM3DL5-Castle.png The second castle in the game. Requires 50 Star Medals to be unlocked.

New enemies[edit]


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