World 8 (Super Mario 3D Land)

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World 8
World8 SM3DL.png
First area
Second area
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Level(s) 8
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World 8 is the eighth and final normal world that Mario travels to in Super Mario 3D Land. The setting of this world is a volcanic area. Crags and volcanoes are found in the background, while the lava below creates a red mist. World 8 contains eight levels and no Toad Houses or Mystery Boxes unlike other worlds. This world also consists of two areas, the first containing five levels and Bowser's first castle, and the second containing the sixth level and Bowser's second castle, which is considerably larger than the first as it takes up the entire second part of World 8.


Level Preview Description
World 8-1 ChaseBalls3DLand.png A sort of stronghold with a multitude of spiked ball launchers throughout.
World 8-2 The new enemies. A grassy area with jet engines and square poles that move along rails.
World 8-3 World 8-3 An athletic stage with rotating platforms. Every platform in this stage has the semblance of being made of cardboard. Requires 80 Star Medals to be unlocked.
World 8-4 World 8-4 The third ghost house in this game. Features portions of the floor floating across gaps, along with a brief Switchboard segment.
World 8-5 World 8-5 An obscure castle level with Bullet Bills and Red-Blue Panels.
World 8-Bowser's Castle1 World 8-Castle 1 The first of two castles in this world. Bowser is fought at the end. Requires 90 Star Medals to be unlocked.
World 8-6 World 8-6 A slightly derelict castle/lava level, featuring several platforms that can be moved by Mario's weight.
World 8-Bowser's Castle2 The Cannon to the final fight. The second castle in the world, and the final level in the game's main story. The true Bowser is encountered a final time here. Requires 100 Star Medals to be unlocked.

New enemies[edit]


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  • This is the only normal world in the game without any Mystery Boxes in its map where its special counterpart also lacks a Mystery Box in its map.