Special 8

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Special 8
Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 7
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Special 8 is the eighth and final special world that appears in the 3DS game, Super Mario 3D Land. It features seven levels and a Toad House. Except Special 8-CrownIcon.png, all levels in Special 8 must be unlocked by collecting a certain amount of Star Medals, with the amount growing by ten with each level. Unlike other Special Worlds which feature the backgrounds from their original respective worlds at night and new arrangements of the themes for each one, the background is based on the design of a typical Super Mario Bros. 3 level instead of a lava wasteland, and new music (based on the Mario Drawing Song in Flipnote Studio) is played on the map. When Special 8-Crown is unlocked, that music is remixed, featuring more bass. It takes place in a light yellow plain with Blocks, Coins and Warp Pipes in the background. What sets this apart from the other Special Worlds is that while the others have all the levels available to begin with, the player must clear each level to access the next one (not unlike the progression of the regular worlds).


Level Preview Description
Special 8-1 Special8-1.png A harder version of World 1-2 with the time set to 30 seconds, has the Cosmic Clone, and with the player starting near the exit and going backwards. Requires 230 Star Medals to be unlocked.
Special 8-2 Special 8-2.png A harder version of World 8-3 but the platforms spin faster; the only level in the world without the time set to 30 seconds or having the Cosmic Clones. Requires 240 Star Medals to be unlocked.
Special 8-3 Special 8-3.png A harder version of World 5-Castle Icon.png and World 5-Castle Icon.png with the time set to 30 seconds and a massive Cosmic Clone. Requires 250 Star Medals to be unlocked.
Special 8-4 Special 8-4.png A harder version of World 8-6 with the time set to 30 seconds. Requires 260 Star Medals to be unlocked.
Special 8-5 Special 8-5.png A harder version of World 7-Airship Sprite.pngAirship with a massive Cosmic Clone. There is no boss. Requires 270 Star Medals to be unlocked.
Special 8-BowserIcon SM3DW.png Special 8-Castle.png A harder version of World 8-BowserIcon SM3DW.png with the time set to 30 seconds. Defeating Hammer Bros. awards the player with an additional 10 seconds. Requires 290 Star Medals to be unlocked.
Special 8-CrownIcon.png Special 8-Crown.png The true final stage, and the hardest level in the game. When unlocked, this stage replaces the pipe going between Special 8 and World 8; as a result, the pipe in World 8 disappears. To unlock this course, the player must have five stars in his or her profile. In order to obtain the five stars, the player must do the following:
  1. Beat all the levels in the first eight worlds.
    While not necessary, the player must also not use the Invincibility Leaf nor the P-Wing on all levels for glittering stars.
  2. Beat Bowser on World 8-Castle 2.
  3. Clear Special 8, then beat Bowser again in World 8-Castle 2.
  4. Collect every Star Medal in every level.
  5. Hit the top of the flagpole on all levels, and finish all levels as both Mario and Luigi. (The top of the flagpole does not need to be hit with both brothers.)

The stage is also the only stage in Super Mario 3D Land that has no Star Medals. It also has no checkpoints.


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