Special 7

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Special 7
Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 6
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Special 7 is the seventh special world appearing in Super Mario 3D Land. There are six levels and one Mystery Box.

Background Description[edit]

Special 7 takes place in a pink forest. It is almost identical to World 7, but in addition to the pink coloration instead of purple, there are stars in the sky.


Level Preview Description
Special 7-1 Special71.png A harder version of World 3-4 with the time set to 30 seconds. Defeating Boomerang Bros. awards the player with an additional 10 seconds.
Special 7-2 Special72.png A second variant of World 6-4, with the Beat Blocks reverting back to what they were in 6-4, but the Cosmic Clones make an appearance.
Special 7-3 Special73.png A harder version of World 7-4.
Special 7-4 Special74.png A harder version of World 2-4 with a massive Cosmic Clone that will destroy any Brick Blocks it touches.
Special 7-5 Special75.png A harder version of World 7-Airship Sprite.pngAirship with faster spinning cylinders and a multitude of Flophoppers.
Special 7-Castle Icon.png Special7Castle.png A harder version of Special 1-Castle Icon.png (in and of itself a harder version of World 1-Castle Icon.png) with the player being chased by a massive Cosmic Clone. Requires 220 Star Medals to be unlocked.

Enemies introduced[edit]


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