Special 5

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Special 5
Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 6
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Special 5 is the fifth of eight special worlds in Super Mario 3D Land, and the thirteenth world overall. The world map shows a brown, desert-like setting at night during a sandstorm with several mountain-like rocks and cacti in the background. The world contains five levels and a Mystery Box.


Level Preview Description
Special 5-1 Special51.png An athletic level with a haunted theme that features Red-Blue Panels prominently. It is based on World 2-4.
Special 5-2 Special52.png A second variant of World 7-2 with a Cosmic Clone. Unlike Special 3-4, no notable changes have been made to the level itself.
Special 5-3 Special53.png A level built around maneuvering a Switchboard with a desert backdrop.
Special 5-4 Special54.png A level highly reminiscent of World 3-5 with faster scrolling and falling snow. The music is a jazz arrangement of the main theme.
Special 5-5 Special55.png A level mostly made of the second non-optional room in World 6-3 repeated several times with different enemies.
Special 5-From MFGG Castle Icon Special 5-Castle A harder version of World 5-From MFGG Castle IconCastle with the time set to 30 seconds. Defeating Goombas awards the player with an additional 10 seconds. Requires 180 Star Medals to be unlocked.


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