World 8-Bowser: Part 2

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World 8-World Bowser icon from Super Mario 3D World.Bowser's Castle
The Cannon to the final fight.
Level code World 8-World Bowser icon from Super Mario 3D World.Bowser's Castle
World World 8
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Time limit 400 seconds
Boss Bowser
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World 8-World Bowser icon from Super Mario 3D World.Bowser's Castle: Part 2[1] is the forty-eighth total level, the second Bowser level and the final normal world level in Super Mario 3D Land.


Mario rides a Bone Roller Coaster in World 8-Bowser: Part 2 of Super Mario 3D Land.

This level requires 100 Star Medals to unlock. It first shows a cut-scene where Mario goes into Bowser's Castle. Then, Mario is on a Bone Roller Coaster and a statue of Bowser's head is shown and its mouth is opened. While going in the mouth, coins will appear on both sides of the Bone Roller Coaster. It then goes down, and a massive fireball comes right at the middle of the coaster. It then turns on the side with more fireballs coming, breaking some small towers. It then turns on the other side with even more fireballs coming. After that, the coaster goes by a Fire Bar. Next to it, there is a platform, which is raised by a Lava Geyser until it reaches some rock platforms. After these platforms, there are three platforms with fireballs coming out of a gate right above them. The second platform has a Dry Bones on it. Another Bone Roller Coaster is located next to them. It goes down with the rails and is launched by Lava Geysers. Mario finds two sets of fireballs. It reaches a solid area, where it is sunk on the lava. There are also some stairs. Atop them, Mario finds three Toads (red, yellow, and blue); the red one gives him a 1-Up Mushroom. Mario enters a cannon which shoots him to a tower, where it starts to rain. On this tower, another cannon sends Mario to a rainy hall next to the door leading to the battle area.

Mario fighting Bowser throwing a barrel.
Bowser throwing barrels.
Mario fighting Bowser for the last time.
Mario running away from Bowser.
Part of the final battle with Bowser.
Bowser blocking Mario's path on the bridge.

Upon entering, a cutscene plays. Mario sees Princess Peach, bound to the Goal Pole with a massive bow. Peach then warns Mario as Bowser falls from the sky and roars a challenge at Mario. The floor cracks and breaks, causing both Mario and Bowser to fall. Mario must then climb the collapsing tower in order to reach Peach. At the start of this segment, the timer is reset to 400 seconds. Bowser will try to attack Mario with fireballs and spiked balls. After Mario passes a tightrope sequence with some Paragoombas on it, Bowser attacks Mario with barrels in a similar fashion to Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong arcade game. After this, Mario climbs some stairs until he reaches a bridge, where Mario must get behind Bowser while he employs familiar tactics (Fireballs, jumps, tail whips). Then, Mario must bait him into attacking the wall blocking what is assumed to be the final button. The button causes the bridge to collapse, causing Bowser to fall supposedly to his death. A gate is opened and Mario can progress. However, Bowser re-appears, shooting strong purple fireballs that are able to break any breakable platforms they touch. After a lengthy platforming sequence, the screen sets in front of Mario, and he must escape from Bowser, who chases him along the final bridge. Mario must maneuver around the Brick Blocks covering the bridge to reach the actual final button, which causes Bowser to fall again. A cut-scene shows Bowser falling from the bridge while being hit by two slabs of rock falling from the tower, eventually hitting the lava. Another gate is opened, revealing Peach. Mario must reach the Goal Pole and free Peach as the game comes to an end.

Mario and Peach on the Tail Tree in the ending
A letter showing Mario and Peach.

During the end credits, Mario, who is carrying Peach, and two Toads fly from the castle ruins to Peach's Castle, as Bowser attempts to kidnap the princess again on top of a Goomba Tower, without success. After the credits, a letter is shown with Mario and Peach sitting on the tail branch of the Tail Tree and Mario holding a Super Leaf. If the player beats the level as Luigi, a letter showing Luigi and Peach sitting on the Tail Tree and Luigi looking at Peach is shown instead.

After that, if the player has only beaten the game once, a short cutscene appears with a letter floating down in World 1-1, showing Luigi being kidnapped by Bowser's troops. After completing this stage again after beating the Special 8 world, a different letter will float down, showing Peach, a yellow Toad, and a blue Toad in Tanooki Suits.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: While on the first Bone Roller Coaster, the player must avoid the fireballs. After the first U-Turn, the player must jump to grab the first Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: After leaving the first Bone Roller Coaster, the player hops across some wooden platforms. The second Star Medal is found after the second platform.
  • Star Medal 3: On the final Bone Roller Coaster, the player comes across an onslaught of fireballs. The Star Medal is found during the second wave of fireballs.



  • If the player replays this level as Luigi, although it is overall the same, Peach calls out Luigi's name instead of Mario in both cutscenes. Additionally, at the end of the credits, the pink heart does not appear.


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