Special 2

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Special 2
Special 2, the second special world of Super Mario 3D Land.
Game Super Mario 3D Land
Level(s) 6
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Special 2 is the tenth world and the second special world in Super Mario 3D Land. This world takes place in a dark yellow meadow at night, with sparkles in the sky resembling stars. It is unlocked after beating Dry Bowser in Special 1. At the beginning of the world is a Warp Pipe leading to World 2. This is one of the few worlds where there is no boss at the end. There is one Toad House in the world. Both this world and Special 3 are the only two special worlds that have no Cosmic Clone levels.


Level Preview Description
Special 2-1 Special 2-1 An athletic autoscrolling stage featuring moving platforms. The first original level of the Special Worlds. The music is a jazz arrangement of the main theme.
Special 2-2 Special 2-2 A harder version of World 3-2 with the time set to 30 seconds.
Special 2-3 Special 2-3 A harder version of World 1-4. The water in the background is replaced with lava.
Special 2-4 Special 2-4 A harder version of World 6-5, requiring the Propeller Box.
Special 2-5 Special 2-5 A harder version of World 4-5 with a snow background. The Flip Panels follow much more complex paths.
Special 2-The Icon of a Airship from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Special 2-Airship A harder version of World 3-The Icon of a Airship from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.Airship, taking place at day. There is no boss. Requires 120 Star Medals to be unlocked.


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