Special 2

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Special 2
Special 2, the second special world of Super Mario 3D Land.
Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 6
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Special 2 is the tenth world and the second special world in Super Mario 3D Land. This world takes place in a dark yellow meadow at night, with sparkles in the sky resembling stars. It is unlocked after beating Dry Bowser in Special 1. At the beginning of the world is a Warp Pipe leading to World 2. There is one Toad House in the world.


Level Preview Description
Special 2-1 Special 2-1 An athletic autoscrolling stage featuring moving platforms. The first original level of the Special Worlds. The music is a jazz arrangement of the main theme.
Special 2-2 Special 2-2 A harder version of World 3-2 with the time set to 30 seconds.
Special 2-3 Special 2-3 A harder version of World 1-4. The water in the background is replaced with lava.
Special 2-4 Special 2-4 A harder version of World 6-5, requiring the Propeller Box.
Special 2-5 Special 2-5 A harder version of World 4-5 with a snow background. The Flip Panels follow much more complex paths.
Special 2-The Icon of a Airship from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Special 2-Airship A harder version of World 3-The Icon of a Airship from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.Airship, taking place at day. There is no boss. Requires 120 Star Medals to be unlocked.


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