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Magmaargh artwork from Super Mario Galaxy 2
Official artwork of a Magmaargh, from Super Mario Galaxy 2
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Latest appearance Mario Golf: Super Rush (2021)
Variant of Blargg

Magmaarghs are a variant of Blarggs that first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They appear as large molten lava creatures with a huge mouth that attack by rising up from lava pools and biting down at anything in front of them. Like their relative, the Magmaw, they seem to be mostly liquid, as they can pass through solid objects.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

Mario, avoiding a Magmaargh in Super Mario Galaxy 2

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Magmaarghs mostly appear in Melty Monster Galaxy, being the titular monster. They also appear in Fleet Glide Galaxy and Bowser's Galaxy Generator. Magmaarghs do not move very much, mostly staying under the lava, arising to chomp down on anything in front of them. If Mario or Luigi gets chomped, he loses one wedge of health. In the Melty Monster Galaxy, they appear mostly where there are Pull Stars. In Bowser's Galaxy Generator, three of them appear during the Snake Block section. Here, the Snake Blocks split into two paths, where there is one Magmaargh per path and when the Snake Blocks come back together, one last one appears, where Mario (on Yoshi) must swallow a nearby Blimp Fruit to pass over the monstrous creature (or he needs to go out of the way onto one of the four platforms if he already lost it).

Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

A Magmaargh, in Super Mario 3D Land

Magmaarghs later return as enemies in Super Mario 3D Land; they only appear in the lava pools of World 8-Bowser: Part 1 and Special 8-Bowser, passing perpendicularly through Mario's path. In this game, they are much smaller than in their first appearance. Magmaarghs cannot be defeated, even if the player is invincible. Sandmaarghs, sand variations that follow Mario or Luigi underground and pop out to chomp them, also debut in this game.

New Super Mario Bros. U / New Super Luigi U / New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[edit]

A Magmaargh appears during the Iggy Koopa battle

Magmaarghs return in New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U. They only appear in Iggy's Volcanic Castle and Iggy's Swinging-Chains Castle respectively, during the boss battle. Iggy can fire special magic beams with a skull design on them. First three beams appear, two green, one red; then when Iggy is hit he will fire five of them, three green, two red; and when Iggy Koopa is stomped twice, he manages to fire twice. When Iggy Koopa fires a red magic beam at the lava, the Magmaargh will emerge upon touching it. The Magmaargh then roars and attacks by moving towards the players in a wave-like movement. Magmaarghs, Cheep Chomps, and Magmaws are the only enemies who can defeat Nabbit, a playable character in New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

Magmaarghs make an appearance in Mario Party: Star Rush, appearing as obstacles in the minigame Lava Labyrinth.

Mario Golf: Super Rush[edit]

Magmaarghs appear for the first time in the Mario Golf series in Mario Golf: Super Rush. They appear in Bowser Highlands and the Volcano course of Trick Golf. It attracts a one-stroke penalty, and also makes a sound when the ball hits one.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

Image Name Bio
Magmaargh as viewed in the Character Museum from Mario Party: Star Rush Magmaargh
This monster likes to hide in magma.
"These foes are hot like fire. No, really! Touching them causes damage, so be sure to avoid them at all costs."

Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Galaxy 2 ObjectData/Unbaba.arc Unbaba Blargg
Super Mario 3D Land romfs/ObjectData/WooGan WooGan Romanization of Japanese name.
New Super Mario Bros. U content/Common/actor/woogan woogan Romanization of Japanese name.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウーガン[1]
From「ウンババ」(Unbaba, Blargg) and「溶岩」(yōgan, lava)
French Avalave From avale (to swallow) and lave (lava).
German Glutsauger "Ember Sucker", pun on "Blutsauger" (blood sucker)
Italian Magmabruto From magma and bruto, brute.
Korean 짜자용
From "짜자잔" (Jjajajan, Blargg) and "용" (yong, dragon)
Portuguese (NOE) Magmaargh -
Spanish Lavoncio From lava


  • In the files for Super Mario Galaxy 2, they are known as "Unbaba," the Japanese name for Blargg, which they shared an attack pattern with at the time.[2] However, in subsequent games where their attack pattern is changed, the filename is changed to "WooGan," a romanization of its Japanese name.[3][4]


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