World 3 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

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World 3
World 3-1 from Mario Party: Star Rush
Preview of World 3-1
Game Mario Party: Star Rush
Level(s) 3
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World 3 is the fourth set of boards in the Toad Scramble mode of Mario Party: Star Rush. They are unlocked by completing a game on World 2. World 3 features a birthday cake theme.

Some boards have a feature where a large amount of coins are dropped onto the middle of the cake halfway through the game. Some feature three Gold Bullet Bill launchers, and every turn a roulette is spun to determine which, or all, are fired. Characters are chased to the edge of the map and coins are left in the path of the Bullet Bills.

Board information[edit]

Board Preview Description Boss battles
World 3-1 World 3-1 from Mario Party: Star Rush "This three-layer cake is garnished with coins!" 3
World 3-2 World 3-2 from Mario Party: Star Rush "On this tasty confection, Gold Bullet Bills abound." 4
World 3-3 World 3-3 from Mario Party: Star Rush "Tons of sweet toppings and tasty coins. Yum!" 5