Duel Balloon

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Duel Balloon from Mario Party: Star Rush
Princess Daisy about to pop a Duel Balloon in Toad Scramble.

Duel Balloons are the balloon counterpart of a Duel Glove in Toad Scramble of Mario Party: Star Rush. They appear only in some maps, and around halfway through the game. They function very similarly to Coin Balloons: players can activate them by simply passing through them, and players earn a bonus 2 coins when they are popped. The player who popped the balloon then selects a Free-for-All minigame out of a pool of four randomly selected ones. Unlike the conditions from winning in a minigame activated by a Coin Balloon, whichever player wins 1st place in the minigame takes all, and that player is able to select an ally from their opponents. If opponents do not have allies, the winning player earns some coins instead. If the minigame ends in a tie, a card duel similar to the one in an Ally Duel is played to determine who can steal rivals.