Coin Balloon

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Yoshi about to pop a 10-coin Coin Balloon in Balloon Bash.

A Coin Balloon is a board feature found in Toad Scramble and Balloon Bash modes of Mario Party: Star Rush. Characters can simply pass them to pop the balloons; the balloons give out a certain number of coins, where in Toad Scramble it is two coins while in Balloon Bash, it is five or ten coins depending on the amount displayed on the balloon. In Toad Scramble mode, a minigame is started whenever a Coin Balloon gets popped, and whoever pops the Coin Balloon gets to choose a minigame out of four selected from the total number of Free-For-All minigames. Coin Balloons appear and replenish on a board only after a boss gets defeated. If two players simultaneously pop a balloon, the player with the higher roll reaps the bonus two coins and selects the minigame.

In Balloon Bash, Coin Balloons function a similar way to Toad Scramble, except if two Coin Balloons are popped, a team Boss Battle minigame starts, and the Boss Battle minigame is selected at random.