World 2 (Mario Party: The Top 100)

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World 2
World 2 in Minigame Island from Mario Party: The Top 100
World World 2
Game Mario Party: The Top 100
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World 2 is the second world in Minigame Island from Mario Party: The Top 100. It is split into three segments: World 2-1, World 2-2, and World 2-3. World 2-1 and World 2-2 are connected to each other via a bridge, while World 2-3 is disjointed from them and is accessed later in the game, when players take one of the Warp Pipes in World 3. The world is the first world to introduce branching paths, where players can play minigames from either branching path to proceed through the game. However, World 2-3 has a linear path of minigames in the same vein as World 1. The area with the branching paths in World 2-1 features beach-themed minigames while World 2-2 has primarily desert-themed minigames. Two minigames give out four Mini Stars rather than the usual three: Jump, Man and Shy Guy Showdown. This world has a total of 27 minigames.


World 2-1[edit]

World 2-2[edit]

World 2-3[edit]