Hotel Goomba

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Hotel Goomba
Hotel Goomba from Mario Party 5
Hotel Goomba from Mario Party: The Top 100
Appears in Mario Party 5
Mario Party: The Top 100
Type 4-Player minigame
Music track Bustling Noisily
Music sample
Mario Party 5:

Mario Party: The Top 100:

Hotel Goomba is a 4-Player minigame in Mario Party 5 and Mario Party: The Top 100.


The first player walks into the hotel, with several Goombas near the front of the screen. As the player walks in, the mass of Goombas walks away. The screen then splits into four.


The main goal of this minigame is to be the first player to reach the balcony of the third floor of the hotel. In order to do so, the player needs to punch the Goombas out of their way on the three floors. The difficulty level increases as the player goes higher, as more Goombas appear and the puzzles get trickier. When the player punches a Goomba, it moves to the tile directly next to it, depending on the angle at which it is punched. The number of punches increases, as do the probabilities of getting stuck. If the player does get stuck, which means they punched the Goombas incorrectly and cannot move on, the player can press Y Button (GCN)/X Button (3DS) to reset the room and try again. As an anti-cheat measure, the puzzle disappears while the game is paused.

Each room features its own different elements, which generally make the player slow down.

First floor[edit]

The first room is characterized by its simplicity. While the order of the elements found changes at random each time the minigame is started, there is always some luggage left on the floor, a counter, a plant, and a table. The walls are very plain, although they are decorated with paintings that have nothing on them except a frame each. The floor is basically a lot of tiles (5×5, to be exact). Each object occupies exactly one tile of space. The first room usually contains no more than two Goombas, which are very easily punched out of the way. As the player continues their way, they step on a red carpet and proceed to take an elevator to the next floor.

Second floor[edit]

The second floor's room is quite similar to the first, but it gives a more relaxing atmosphere. The tiles are still 5×5, but this time, they are brown-colored, giving a wooden feeling to the room. The background elements completely change this time. There are tables with white tablecloths on them, and they usually have food or flowerpots on them. These tables occupy more than a single tile. There is also usually a piano, which takes a total of four tiles (2×2). The walls are a bit darker than in the last room, and instead of paintings, they have windows. There may also be green seats scattered through the room. The Goombas here, again, are very easily punched out of the way, and there are usually no more than three. As the player proceeds, they once again step on a red carpet and automatically run to an elevator.

Last floor[edit]

The last floor is the most complicated one, and it may lead the player to several errors. There is usually a large number of Goombas in it, going from five to even 10. Unlike in the other rooms, the walls are much more detailed, taking a dark-brown tone this time. There is also a single window on the left wall, in the same location as the last one. The tiles here are red with a circle in the middle of them. Background elements here are more pertaining to a living room: sofas, tables, and small tables with nothing on them. There may also be statues of Goombas.

If nobody reaches the last floor's balcony within a certain time limit, the minigame ends in a draw.


The screen showing the winner zooms in as they enter a door. It then shows the winner walking out onto a balcony to see the sunset, followed by them turning around and performing their victory animation. If there is more than one winner, those characters celebrate.


Mario Party 5[edit]

  • Control Stick – Move
  • B Button – Punch
  • Y Button – Reset Goombas

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Circle Pad: Move
  • B Button: Push Goomba
  • X Button: Reset

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party 5[edit]

  • Rules"Reach the third balcony of the hotel by punching the Goombas out of your way. Whoever reaches the third balcony first wins."
  • Advice"If you move the Goombas in the wrong order, you can get stuck. Press Y Button to reset the room, and then try again."

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Description"Move the Goombas blocking your way through 3 rooms of the hotel!"
  • On-screen"Move Goombas to reach the exit!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリボーホテル
Kuribō Hoteru
Goomba Hotel

Dutch Hotel Goomba
French L'Hôtel Goomba
The Goomba Hotel
German Gumba-Gebolze
Goomba Thrashing
Italian Hotel Goomba
Spanish Hotel Goomba