Countdown Pound

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Countdown Pound
Countdown Pound
Appears in Mario Party 5
Type Duel mini-game
Music Serious Competition

Countdown Pound is a Duel minigame found in Mario Party 5.


The two combatants each stand on a platform that is connected to a timer and a balloon that corresponds to the character's color (for example, Mario has a red balloon, Yoshi has green, and Koopa Kid has orange). The timer counts down from ten seconds while pumping a balloon. The goal is to ground-pound the platform as close to 0:00 seconds as possible. The player who is closer to 0:00 seconds is the winner. The losing player's timer changes to XX:XX, and their balloon bursts, sending the losing player flying offscreen. Additionally, if the player fails to ground-pound before the timer hits zero, the timer shows XX:XX.

It is possible to end in a draw. Both players must stop the timer at the exact time, or both must fail to ground-pound before the timer hits zero. In this case, both timers change to XX:XX, and both balloons burst before "DRAW" appears on the screen.


  • A ButtonJump
  • A Button A Button – Ground Pound

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Do a Ground Pound to stop the timer as close to 0:00 as you can. Whoever stops the timer closest to 0:00 wins."
  • Advice"It takes a moment or two to do a Ground Pound, so time your jump accordingly!"

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギリギリ!カウントダウン
Girigiri! Kauntodaun
Last Minute Countdown
French H-10 Means "Time is up in 10 hours"
German Blase-Ballon Bladder Balloon
Italian Nervi d'acciaio Nerves of steel
Spanish Nervios de acero Nerves of Steel